38K 2017 MS 75D, 4/32nds left, never been rotated, perfect even wear all around. (I've never seen that on any car I've ever owned.)

My understanding is the current MS has a new tire with a lower rolling resistance? Anyone know which tire it is and anything about it as I'll been buying new tires very soon. | 11/05/2019

Wow that's great tire life - I only got 19K on my Goodyears (19"). Even rotated tires, but rears 2/32 wore out before the fronts at 4/32, and just replaced them all. Haven't heard what the new tires Tesla is using.

jordanrichard | 11/05/2019

Even tread wear is common/expected on the D’s. My service center says that Tesla recommend replacing tires when they get down to where you are now, 4/32. I typically get about 36,000 out of a set of tires on my S85 RWD.

I wouldn’t necessarily switch to these new tires because you may be “robbing Peter to pay Paul”. These new tires, being a newly designed tire are surely going to cost more than the current Michelin Primacys which I am guessing would completely wipe out any energy savings gained.

PeteB Lake Oswego | 11/05/2019

I've had the stock tires (21" Michelin Pilot Super Sport TO) on my 2017 Model S P100D that has almost 43k mi on it. Probably half that mileage was driven on my winter tire set, however.
Just discovered what seems to be a bubble growing in the sidewall of my front left tire, so I'm looking to get the fronts replaced.
I was just going to start searching the forums about good alternatives to this tire, but now I'm also curious about some new tire coming out...?
Any news will be appreciated. I've got an appointment with Portland Tesla to deal with it this upcoming Tuesday, and if/when I get news about something new, I'll post it up here.

murphyS90D | 12/05/2019

When putting two new tires on a car they always go on the rear. Move the current rears to the front.

kerryglittle | 12/05/2019

Wow you guys are getting great wear. My Continentals are down the the wear bars after 8,000 miles ( 12,000 ) kilometres. To much lead footing I suspect. LOL.

Bill_75D | 12/05/2019

My 19" Goodyears have 5/32 all around at 25,000 miles. I have rotated twice and had two wheel alignments.

OP, do you have Goodyear or Michelin?

thranx | 12/05/2019

@TeslaTap; I got only 13,000 miles on the first set of Goodyears; 20,000 on the second set (2016 75D). Having Michelins installed Tuesday.

cfishkin01 | 12/05/2019

Goodyear's. I'm pretty easy on my daily driver. Mostly highway. Always have 45 lbs. of pressure in them. Of course, everyone does as well. I'm sure I could make 40,000 miles, but with no spare, probably not a good idea. I'm probably going to try the Michelins just to see if I can tell the difference.

Anthony J. Parisio | 13/05/2019

Has anyone had any experience with Goodyear to Michelin? What is the difference in ride, noise, etc? | 13/05/2019

On my first S, I switched from Goodyears to Pirelli cinturato p7 plus, and really liked them. Did the same thing with my current S and still very happy. As quiet if not more so than the Goodyears (which had the foam), handles well, and rated life is considerably longer. Haven't noticed any difference in power consumption either (they are LRR tires too). Anyway, worth considering. Never had the Michelins, so can't compare. Whatever you choose, be sure to get LRR tires or your range is going to go down.

PeteB Lake Oswego | 13/05/2019

murphy S90D, can't swap to rear. Front & rear are different sizes. I've got a MS P100D

murphyS90D | 13/05/2019

@PeteB Lake Oswego

I don't have a "P" car, that did not occur to me.

Tldickerson | 13/05/2019

@PeteB Lake Oswego, not al P100D have staggered tires. murphyS90D and most of us didn't know unless you tell us. My P90D doesn't have them.

Tldickerson | 13/05/2019

not all