102 Year Old Dad Loves Our Model 3

102 Year Old Dad Loves Our Model 3

We traveled from the Minneapolis area to Grand Forks, ND last week for my Dad's 102nd birthday. He wanted to get a ride in our AWD LR, it was a little difficult getting him into the car but once he was in we went out on I-29 and I showed him the full throttle fun and demonstrated the auto-pilot. He did not believe the car was steering itself until went through an S-curve, he was totally amazed. When we arrived back at the assisted living facility he said if he was still driving this is the car he would buy, this from a guy who grew up in the horse & buggy era.

He made a comment about how Maytag first introduced the washing machine powered by a small gasoline engine but then converted to electric shortly after, he said no one missed the gasoline powered model. He thinks cars are at that tipping point now. Interesting!

By the way, we could not travel to Grand Forks via the interstate because there are no supper chargers open past Clearwater. We traveled via hwy 10 & 371 through Baxter where we charged up and traveled the remaining 220 miles to Grand Forks. Luckily my brother had a 14-50 camper outlet in his yard.

Come on Tesla, let's have some chargers in North Dakota!

Lorenzryanc | 17/05/2019

Happy Birthday! That man has seen a lot. In 50 years, my Maytag example will be when Overlord Musk brought the electric car to the market :) Elon be praised! (this conversation will happen on Mars probably too)

derotam | 17/05/2019

There are people in ND? :)

Mike83 | 17/05/2019

Happy birthday to your Dad. Great post. Gasoline washing machines LOL.

drrock75k | 17/05/2019

Thanks for a great story. Happy birthday to your dad.

sbeggs | 17/05/2019

Nice story!
Happy Birthday to your dad. My mom just turned 95, but is not mobile.

ODWms | 17/05/2019

102 years old. God bless him. Happy birthday to him.

TM3Q | 17/05/2019

Happy birthday to your father! Wow 102 years old and he could enjoy a ride in a Tesla so cool.

Next year rent for one day the new Tesla Roadster for is next birthday :-)

CharleyBC | 17/05/2019

Most fun post in a while! Happy birthday to your dad!!! And cool about the Maytag story—I had no idea.

mikeng6274 | 17/05/2019

Happy birthday to your dad. I am 79 young and bought model 3 and received it last year on Dec. 24. I enjoy driving it..

rsingh05 | 17/05/2019

Happy birthday to your dad!

Quite a story about the gas powered Maytag!

billtphotoman | 18/05/2019

Happy birthday to your father and this was an interesting story. My mid-80s parents also love my model 3. In fact the diversity of Tesla owners and enthusiasts is one of my favorite things about owning the car. I have really enjoyed discussions with some owners at SuperCharger stops.

CharleyBC | 18/05/2019

My 88-year-old father-in-law thinks our Tesla is pretty cool, so when he got in the market for a new car last year, I figured I had my first referral in the bag. Turns out it’s a cool car FOR US. He said a central criterion for his new car would be for it to have lots of knobs and switches. Oops. He picked a Subaru. He likes the height. But he still gets a kick out of riding in our 3!