Model 3 Leather Interior Cleaning

Model 3 Leather Interior Cleaning

Hi All,

What product(s) do you use to clean the leather interior of the Model 3? Do the 2019 models have vegan leather interior? I've tried to look it up but can't find a solid answer.

I have a large mark on my driver seat from white eyeliner pencil and I've used Pledge leather wipes to remove the stain but they don't seem to work at all.

Any help is appreciated!

tjringle23 | 17/05/2019

I've tried different products but seems to leave residue on the seats since it's not real leather... comes off eventually but haven't found a good product for it. I've been using a spray bottle with soap and water for the time being because I'm afraid to use anything else.

Harneelsandhu | 17/05/2019

I'll try using soap and water! It seems like car wipes for leather interior may not work either?

DavidAsheville | 17/05/2019

There are several previous threads on the subject. If you type the following into your search engine you should be able to find them: clean seats

jordanrichard | 17/05/2019

There is no leather in Teslas anymore, except for the steering wheel. Try using a household cleaner like 409 or Lysol kitchen cleaner. The seats are made of polyurethane.

dmastro | 17/05/2019

I've had great success cleaning the interior surfaces of my car with a damp microfiber towel. I don't know that I'd trust a harsh chemical cleaner for long-term use.

gordon_r_benson | 17/05/2019

303 Aerospace UV Protectant or Adams Interior Detailer Spray (on a microfiber towel as dmastro mentioned).

Teslanene | 17/05/2019

I also use a damp microfiber towel.

-TheJohn- | 17/05/2019

70% isopropyl alcohol works wonders on the pseudo leather and other parts of the interior. Makes those dust streaks and whatnot go away.

jjgunn | 18/05/2019
Daryl | 18/05/2019

ArmorAll Cleaning Wipes work well for me.

lph | 18/05/2019

I just cleaned my white seats last weekend of dye from jeans rubbing off for the last 8 months of use. All I had to do is get a damp cloth ... it came of completely (like new) with the first wipe!

Harneelsandhu | 18/05/2019

I tried the damp microfiber towel and it removed the minor stains on the seat but I still have a pretty large white line from the eyeliner pencil that won’t come out.

1agkirk2 | 19/05/2019

Harneelsandhu, you might try MAGIC Eraser sponge-like product.

jordanrichard | 19/05/2019

Do NOT use Magic eraser. You mind as well use 80 grit sandpaper if you use that product.

aperfectecho | 19/05/2019

I use the Meguire's stuff, and it works well for all surfaces, leaves no residue, and smells nice. No issues with it

Whdame | 19/05/2019

I have been using this on the entire inside of my Model 3 for a full year now. Works great.

andrewsjra | 19/05/2019

Car Guys super cleaner like jjgunn said. It works great and has a nice scent to it. No harsh chemicals. I had what looked like grease stains on the front seats when I first got my car and tried a armor all wipe. It didn’t remove the strain. When I issued Car Guys super cleaner it came right out. Highly recommend

AWDTesla | 20/05/2019
rasinas | 20/05/2019

I have always been against using chemicals in our cars interior. For years I have just wiped down the interior with an Absorber towel after I finish drying the outside. They are awesome for drying and wiping down the interior and last a long time.

T35L4 | 20/05/2019

I like Mothers VLR. Cleans good. Smells good. Leaves a nice MATTE finish - not sticky / glossy.

emeralda2 | 20/05/2019

Any suggestion to get sunblock white residue off? The wife slathered sunblock on the kids and self in prep for the pool. Now I have nasty looking miniature sized prints on the seat that just won't budge with soap+water/non-chemical baby wipes.

I'm trying to decide between Lexol and Chemical Guys Leather cleaner - any favorites/recommendations?

sroh | 20/05/2019

@emeralda, sunblock is nasty. Try general interior cleaners like you asked about. If they don't work (they didn't work for me), you can try rubbing alcohol. And if that doesn't work, try degreaser diluted 5:1 or 10:1 with distilled water. That did the trick for me last year.

emeralda2 | 21/05/2019

@sroh, thanks. Will try it this weekend.

sguc | 08/09/2019

I accidentally used Meguiar's leather cleaner wipes on my Model 3 interior. Once I realized, I quickly cleaned it up with distilled water and a soft rag. However, it still appears to be stained in certain areas. ANY ADVICE??

in7 | 09/09/2019

Armor All Cleaning Wipes that have the new car smell. At O'Reilly Auto Parts and other places.

holgerv | 09/09/2019

+1 on the Optimum Leather Protectant. Works really well on seats, dash (not on the wood of course), door panels, steering wheel,........

jordanrichard | 09/09/2019

in7, that infamous "new car smell" is the plastics and vinyl off gassing. So you are basically huffing the chemical byproducts of the interior.

Lbanworth | 09/09/2019

I have your answer!!! MagicEraser is the only thing you will ever need in a Tesla!!! PERIOD. The store I bought my Tesla from told me that about 5 minutes after walking in. They rubbed in grease, ketchup and ink and we then gave it time to set in. After setting for about 5 min. the service guy pulls out a MagicEraser and a pail of warm water. He dipped the MagicEraser in the water and started rubbing the stain in circles. With little to no effort the entire 3 stains were removed and the seat was brand-new again! I've been using it ever since!

jimglas | 09/09/2019

sounds like an ad for magic eraser
I cant imagine that happening

CharleyBC | 09/09/2019

@Lbanworth: You're kidding, right? I can't imagine the delivery rep intentionally messing up your seats, just to demo how to clean them.

Lonestar10_1999 | 09/09/2019

Lbanworth is lying. It never happened. We are not that gullible.

Randyb359 | 09/09/2019

Magic erasers are like very fine sandpaper
Don't use them

Lbanworth | 10/09/2019

All jokes aside, it really works great! This whole MagicEraser conversation started because of the white interior of my car. I originally loved the white interior but knew it was a disaster waiting to happen. Once the Tesla employee realized that I wasn't going to buy the white interior out of high maintenance concerns, he then put on the MagicEraser demonstration using one of the M3's parked in the showroom. Take it from me, nothing works better! You're welcome!

sroh | 10/09/2019


No, no, no! As Randyb359 correctly mentions, while MagicEraser will remove a superficial stain, it will rub off the coating of the high end vinyl. For long term care, MagicEraser has to be one of the worst options.

AWDTesla | 11/09/2019

Please, do not use magic eraser on your seats.

Its using 4000grit sandpaper. Stop it.

neylus | 11/09/2019

Magic Eraser? That is some mean-spirited advice, wow.

After a year of using nothing but a damp washcloth once every month or so, I have zero stains.

neylus | 11/09/2019

Magic Eraser? That is some mean-spirited advice, wow.

After a year of using nothing but a damp washcloth once every month or so, I have zero stains.

jordanrichard | 11/09/2019

The most "abrasive" thing I would use is simply a microfiber towel and perhaps a citrus based spray cleaner.

MJP.75D | 11/09/2019

If you wouldn’t put it on a baby’s butt then don’t use it on your M3 seats. I favor baby wipes for this very reason.

And, no, I would not use a Magic Eraser on a baby’s butt.

Keep a package of baby wipes in your glovebox for that errant spill....

in7 | 11/09/2019 the car seat with Huggies and Pampers.......ok........

Thrillion | 11/09/2019

I got kids and I have a ton of baby wipes. They work really well and a package stays in the car.
If it is safe on my kids, its safe on my seats.

rxlawdude | 11/09/2019

For us older folks, would that be Depends? :-)