Where to take M3 for NY State Annual Inspection

Where to take M3 for NY State Annual Inspection

For the few who go the Model 3 early enough - where have you taken the vehicle for the ANNUAL inspection? My sticker expires this month so wanted to check...

I understand Tesla does not do it (lack of offering emissions testing for non-teslas). It appears that you can take the vehicle to any local shop and so long as you tell them how to lift the vehicle, and also if they need to remove tires to look at brakes can advise on torque setting, its an open choice where to go.

However it would be nice to know what experiences other have had? and Also if there are shop with experience already dealing with the M3 (if anyone got theirs done in NYC/NYS would be good to know)

CharleyBC | 20/05/2019

You might want to edit your title to clarify what state you’re talking about. From the parenthetical, one gathers NY.

dsvick | 20/05/2019

In Ohio I sent an email to the Ohio EPA and got my emissions testing exemption in a couple of weeks.

Firaz.ashraf | 20/05/2019

NY exempts emissions testing, but there is still a safety inspection requirement

Firaz.ashraf | 22/05/2019

Linking response to another thread. I took my M3 to Precision Auto in LIC. It was painless and was very happy the guys were really comfortable with Teslas

Slonkis | 23/05/2019

I went to my local Mavis Discount Tire. Took about 15 minutes total. Great experience.

marco8289 | 19/06/2019

Stupid question, newly deliveres tesla does come with state inspection already correct? Nothing to do until a year later?

dwakelee | 19/06/2019

Correct, in least in NY, the car comes with a NY state inspection sticker already in place - good for 1 year. I'm assuming that is similar for other states, but I only have personal experience with NY.

rEVolution | 22/06/2019

so has it been confirmed if Tesla Mobile can/can't perform the annual inspections in NY? I really didn't want to deal with a 3rd non-Tesla shop.

Firaz.ashraf | 22/06/2019

why dont you find out and let the rest know

syclone | 23/06/2019

I just stopped in at the auto repair shop I always have used for my ICE cars. All they have to do is a safety inspection - no physical connection. The charge is $10.00. It will become more interesting next year.