I love driving our 3P but...............

I love driving our 3P but...............

jjgunn | 20/05/2019

While I'm SuperCharging this "not a car" in going to go for a drive after reading this article.

dmastro | 20/05/2019

One of the pervasive arguments on this forum has been that Tesla is not a car company, but rather a tech company justifying the extraordinary stock valuation.

Although given the stock performance of late, perhaps Tesla really is just a car company.

andy.connor.e | 20/05/2019

Thats true. They arent really a car company, because a car company would suggest exclusively cars. They are too many things. They make cars, solar panels, solar roof, residential/commercial/utility battery storage, and are also in the self-driving business. You could arguably say they are in robotics and software as well.

So correct Forbes. They are not a car company. That would be too short sighted.

dentedwheel | 20/05/2019

If you recall, Apple wasn't considered a phone manufacturer before 2007. Sometimes tech companies can be responsible for revolutionary changes in an industry. I am fine owning a vehicle made by a tech company. Certainly issues will arise. Hopefully nothing a good software update can't fix.

Magic 8 Ball | 20/05/2019

When Apple first started it was not long before the armchair experts used the clever phrase: "Apple does not realize it is a software company". In many aspects they were right (third party software for PC's dominated). What they all missed is Apple ended up being what it is.

Apple went through a lot of hard times. I was out of a job and they were hiring when scully stepped down and Newton was a flop. After 3 interviews, and an offer, I declined. The morale was so low I just could not do it. Had I done it I might be posting this from the back lounge of my Gulfstream or one of my many yachts, who knows.

syclone | 20/05/2019

@M8B: Yeah - Shoulda, coulda, Woulda - Ain't hindsight great!

jimglas | 20/05/2019

@M8B: I bought some apple stock back when I was in grad school right after I bought and loved using the original MacIntosh computer. That stock did quite well. Too bad I was so poor then that I couldn't purchase very much. Or like you, "I might be posting this from the back lounge of my Gulfstream or one of my many yachts, who knows"

Magic 8 Ball | 20/05/2019

Dang, here we are in our lowly road rockets, we blew it : ).