Interior Lighting Upgrade Accessories

Interior Lighting Upgrade Accessories

Has anyone upgraded their interior lighting accessories? If so, were you happy with the outcome? If so, can you share what product(s) you installed? Thanks in advance.

gbb0131 | 23/05/2019

I got mine from RPM Tesla... Did the "T" for the front door puddle lights and then the brigher ones for the rear doors, trunk and glove box.

jweiner | 23/05/2019

gbb0131 - are you happy with the results?

jjgunn | 23/05/2019

Got Blue interior lights for Front seats floors. Really like the way they turned out. Roadster puddle lights which are on their way (backordered).

I'll post pics later -- car currently being detailed. ;-)

Kary993 | 23/05/2019

I purchased mine from EVannex and put new footwell lights, glove compartment, rear trunk lights, and new puddle lights with Tesla logo. I am very happy with the additional lighting everywhere. The standard Tesla LED lights are just too dim for my taste.

Mikael13 | 23/05/2019

Got mine from Abstract Ocean. Great prices and customer service. They even have DIY videos. Check out their website and youtube videos.

sroh | 23/05/2019

I've ordered sets from both RPM Tesla and Abstract Ocean for three Model 3s.

RPM Tesla: shipping takes longer, lifetime warranty, good pricing on 5 pack of interior LED lights (which is a perfect number of lights). Good discount if purchasing multiple items.

Abstract Ocean: much faster shipping, great customer service; warranty is not as long. Many claim their lights are better; but I don't see any difference.

If I'm choosing for a new Model 3, I would purchase from RPM, but you won't go wrong with Abstract Ocean either.:

- 5 pack LED lights (one for glove compartment, two for rear door puddle lights, two for trunk.
- Two 'Tesla' puddle lights for front doors (you pick the style; I personally like the 'T'; wifey likes the three bars)
- Two blue or red front footwell lights (I like the blue)

Or if you don't mind spending a bit more, get three interior lights and replace the rear door puddle lights with another set of logo puddle lights (perhaps mix and match?).

tbd2001_01 | 23/05/2019