Sport 19" center caps and rim replacement

Sport 19" center caps and rim replacement

Does anyone know what the cost is the get a new 19" sport wheel from Tesla and the cost of the center caps for each wheel? Someone in my area is selling 3 19" wheels with no center caps, trying to figure out if getting the missing pieces is worth it.

Kahn | 23/05/2019

i have sgtock caps avail make me an offer.

Arktctr | 23/05/2019

I had one of my 19" wheels replaced due to curb damage (vs. repair) at my local SC and it was just over $400 total (including demount, mount, balance, install). I even took the original wheel home with me and I was going to fix it and resell it.

jamespompi | 23/05/2019

@Arktctr Hmm not as bad as I wouldve thought.. The guy is only asking $250 for the 3, while theyre all curbed, they didnt look horrible in the photos, I was also thinking I could fix them.

@Kahn The center cap kit for the aero wheels is $50 so probably around that?