FSD Price Change After Order, Before Delivery

FSD Price Change After Order, Before Delivery

The Canadian federal rebate was revised on May 1st to include the Tesla Model 3 SR+. This was also the day that the FSD price was supposed to go up. Well... maybe, because Elon also tweeted about it being extended until May 10th... later clarified to include those who couldn't order before May 1st. If you couldn't order because the rebate wasn't applicable, maybe the 10th applied. If it didn't, then the price should have gone up on the 1st. No clarity and I the tweets are public domain.

Whatever the case, I ordered on the evening of the 2nd, after getting home from work for the day and convincing my wife it was the right move. She agreed and I put down the money. She wouldn't agree on the FSD though. I figured, "Fine, the price already went up yesterday and if not, it won't go up until the 10th like Elon said, so I can work on her!"

Fast forward to the 9th, when I went into my account to add the FSD. What the...!! The price jumped somewhere after the 2nd and before the 9th!!

On the phone to a Tesla representative... "Yeah, it went up on the 3rd and no, I can't fix the price to what it was". Next stop, customer service number in my account... "the voice mailbox for this person is full".

So. Limbo. Nobody to complain to, nobody to care, or so it seems. My account is still not showing a VIN and the delivery date has been pushed back by a couple of weeks.

I have a big problem with the price jumping *after* I've put my money down and *before* the car even goes into production. Especially given the 'price after delivery' has NOT gone up in my account! So one price is held when you order, but the other is not? It's somehow unreasonable to hold the FSD price between Visa accepted and delivery?? I can accept price changes before an order is made firm, but changing it after feels unfair.

Yeah, it's only $1,300 bucks... but at this point, it's become a question of the principle involved. I'm an early-ish adopter (beginning of 2015) with a Model S and have put up with growing pains without ever whining. I've let more people test drive my car than I can count or even remember. My referral code has been used a multitude of times. I was at 16% off a Roadster before the Province I'm in decided owners weren't licensed car salesmen and banned the referral rewards (seriously, they did that...). I'm still offering my code, even though I get nothing from it and even though rewards I'm owed from earlier will never be seen (did anyone ever get the Tesla carry-on bag from the beginning of the referral program??). And to boot, I have a Y on order and got my 80 year old mother into a LR Dual Motor 3 last fall (which I personally added EAP and FSD to since). With 4 cars in my account, a history of doing EV presentations and arranging car shows, I'd say I'm a staunch supporter and have also done my part to put plenty of butts into a corner of the country that mocks EV's and only buys trucks... yet this $1300 thing is threatening to sour my love for the company.

Any suggestions of how to find someone in the company who both cares and is able to fix this? I would like to again feel that the company is accountable to its customers. I've *always* felt that they did the right thing by me (and then some!)and have made that known to prospective buyers, but so far I have been unable to find someone to properly address my concern. I want to believe that this can be solved if the right person gets involved!