Interior plastic piece falls off

Interior plastic piece falls off

There is a small piece of plastic that is behind the interior door handle. It just dropped out the other day when opening the door. I tried to snap it back in place but but will not stay. Apparently a piece of plastic on the trim piece has broke off. The car is 2 years old so I assume Tesla will have a fix. Anybody else experience this?

ATCRomes | 29/05/2019

Not sure I've ever heard of this but get in line for service (through app) and Tesla should fix it under warranty. | 29/05/2019

I've pulled that part off a number of times when pulling apart the door (for various projects) and you need to get to the two hidden bolts behind it. When done, it has always snapped back into place for me, but sounds like your part is broken. Doesn't seem like something you can break, so it may have been marginal from the start. Hopefully Tesla will replace it under warranty.

marika.appell | 29/05/2019

Stopped at the service center today and they ordered the part. Mobile service will install when it arrives. Now lets see how long this takes.