How To Perform Full System Reboot - Model 3

How To Perform Full System Reboot - Model 3

This information was provided by Tesla Service Rep.

If you are experiencing issues with your Model 3 that a simple reboot is not fixing, then you can try the steps below:


1. Make sure you vehicle is not plugged in or charging, make sure the vehicle stays parked, make sure the doors are closed, make sure the windows are up, keep your feet off the brake and acceleration, and try not to move around in your seat too much.

2. Hold in the scroll wheels on the steering wheel until the screens go blank and then release.

3. When the MCU reboots, select controls, safety and security, power the vehicle off.

4. Wait for 3 full minutes. (if the vehicle powers itself on during this time, double check that all the conditions from step 1 are met and start again).

5. Power the vehicle back by opening and closing the door.

billlake2000 | 01/06/2019

Foot missing from brake is a conundrum.

Goodnight_LO | 01/06/2019

vAwesome thanks for sharing markr7!

MDMatt | 03/06/2019

So you have to sit in the car for 3 minutes while everything is off, windows are closed and doors are closed. I have no reason to doubt the procedure, but that is sort of annoying. Do the server people really have someone sit in the car for minutes doing this, that would be sort of funny. "Yeah, john, grab your lunch, we need car 5 completely rebooted, have a good nap". Hopefully you can at least recline the seats before you start so it is easier to nap.

Thanks for the information.

St☰v☰ | 24/09/2019

So if you do the full system reset, do you lose your preferences and need to re-pair your phones?

roger.klurfeld | 24/09/2019

No you don't lose your preferences or pairings. But this procedure is overly complicated. You don't need to reboot the display before you power off. Turning the power off will turn the display off too. The car itself says to re-power the car just press the brake pedal. Just wait three minutes so the capacitors lose power. No need to open and close the door.

CharleyBC | 24/09/2019

So, what does this do that a regular reboot does not?

sheldon.mike1010 | 24/09/2019

St=v=: only a Factory Reset causes you to lose seat positions and radio presets. Reboots and power downs don't.

St☰v☰ | 24/09/2019

@sheldon.mike1010 - Thanks!!

rdavis | 24/09/2019

I believe it’s been discussed and tested before so you can thread search if you like, but that procedure does nothing more that the thumb wheel soft reset.

I believe @Bighorn has posted prior the only known hard reset procedure which requires disconnect from 12v battery. If you’re interested here is that procedure.

stecker.carl | 25/09/2019

Microphone is not working for either navigation nor requesting music, since most recent software download.Would a reboot solve? Anyone else have this problem?

khelan | 26/09/2019

@stecker yep same issue here. no infotainment functions. seems to be a cellular connectivity issue (streaming, traffic, routing all fail)

antoine | 05/01/2020

Hi since last update the vocal command for navigation etc don’t work anymore it says command not understood although it worked perfectly before the update any suggestions are welcome in advance thank you .

aimievargas | 03/02/2020

Hi - my rear camera isn't working, the navigation isn't functioning properly, phone sometimes doesn't connect, and yesterday I received 6 system errors which resolved when I powered off and then on again but overall the last has been super glitchy. Anyone else experiencing issues?

jesse.j.tong | 03/02/2020

The MPP hard reset method can solve many problems that the thumbwheel reset can't!

rebright234 | 09/02/2020

I picked up my model 3 on Thursday and at the time, both keycards worked. I stuck mine in my wallet, next to other credit cards. Now my card doesn't function, but my wife does.
Does this require a full system reboot?? Thank you

stingray.don | 09/02/2020


Worth a try. See what happens.

EVRider | 09/02/2020

@rebright: If the reboot doesn’t help, you can use the Controls > Locks screen to delete your keycard and re-add it. Just make sure you delete your key and not your wife’s. It really shouldn’t have been permanently affected by being next to your credit card.