Important Enhancement to Sentry Mode

Important Enhancement to Sentry Mode

As others have mentioned, and as I have experienced, several things can cause a “sentry event,” although not causing the alarm to be activated. When there is no visible physical damage to the vehicle, it is an extreme chore to sift through numerous saved video clips.

I certainly hope that an enhancement will be added so that any sentry event video will be stored in a separate subdirectory on the thumb drive (not just recent or saved).

httran26 | 06/06/2019

When an event or what the car thinks is an event happens, it is stored in the saved directory. I guess it also saves when you push the camera icon. So you want to have three directories? Add another one for just events?

I don't click the camera icon that much, so the saved directory has been fine for me so far.

Shesmyne2 | 06/06/2019

I don’t click the camera icon ever, and yet I am getting MANY events on a daily basis.
When I review it’s just my car sitting in it’s parking spot.
How does one eliminate useless recordings from happening?
I had 77 events today in a 4hr work day and the clips were nothing!
It’s a little unnerving seeing that many events, I do a walk around the car and nothing-
Does wind create an event?
Is there something I am not doing correctly?

Still Grinning ;-)

gmr6415 | 06/06/2019

Just remember it's still more or less beta. I agree that the triggers seem to be too easily tripped. I'm sure if someone gets damage to their car, and it didn't trigger, they would be calling that out as an issue too and/or threatening to sue Tesla because it didn't record the event. I'm sure it's hard to find a balance.

I do think the event notice should note the time the event occurred at the least, and those files should go in a separate folder, not with whatever you've saved from the dash cam.

I would also like to see a "panic" button for sentry mode on the touchscreen, so if you are in your car and someone approaches who appears as a threat you can trigger it if needed. Obviously if you have it set to initiate on park the icon shows it's on, but I would like to be able to make it save video should I need it even if I'm in the car.

howard | 06/06/2019

Last night it triggered when 3 kids showing up nicely in the right side camera were trying to take a picture of the raindrops on the roof. No damage but nice to see it records when it detects someone in proximity.

Ross.6thgen | 11/06/2019

I just tried the sentry mode for the first time and the MP4 video files won't play. I've tried multiple different players. Is anyone else having this issue?

gmr6415 | 11/06/2019

@Ross.6thgen, if you happen to be using a mac you can use QuickTime. It won't open if you click on the file and select QuickTime as the application to open it though. Start Quicktime first then direct QuickTime to open the file.

EVRider | 11/06/2019

The Sentry Mode videos are saved in folders with time stamps in their names, so it shouldn’t be difficult to distinguish between those videos and saved dashcam videos in the Saved Clips folder. I agree that a separate folder for Sentry Mode would be better.

Lorenzryanc | 12/06/2019

I'm not engaging Sentry and my USB fills up overnight. I wake up to a gray X every morning :( I'm going to start unplugging it. It's a small drive, but I don't need to see the inside of my garage every day. I'd much prefer dashcam footage in case I need it. I can't seem to find any settings to help my situation, anyone have ideas? I don't think it's sentry mode recording since it's still in "Recent Clips" folder, but IDK why my dash cam would keep recording when my car's locked up and asleep.

roger.klurfeld | 12/06/2019
alisse | 12/06/2019

I know it's not for everyone, as it requires some tech savvy, but teslaUSB is a great solution for zero-maintenance and offline video review.

@roger.klurfeld +1 for SentryKeeper. Great software to review the footage.

EVRider | 12/06/2019

@Lorenzryanc: The dashcam alone wouldn’t fill your USB unless it’s too small — what’s the capacity? Is it possible Sentry Mode is actually turning on when you park without your realizing it? Check the settings.

Lorenzryanc | 12/06/2019

It's only 4gb, maybe 8. Sentry is off in settings and on phone. It looks like the dash cam and repeaters are always recording and not rewriting. Most of videos are in my garage

Techy James | 12/06/2019

@Lorenzryanc Dashcam for 1 hour of recordings by itself uses about 5GB of space assuming you don't hit the icon to save an event. If your talking about a 4 GB obviously it would always fill up after the 1st hour of driving. Even an 8GB after enough overwrites will loose capacity and eventually be useless for dashcam.
All the USB memory devices have a set # of rewrites before the memory space can't be used again. Low quality small cheap memory devices tend to have the least amount of writes before they can't be rewritten too. The story here is you want at least 32 GB Memory storage, and preferably one designed for constant video recording. This will give you the speed and space to hold more before the drive fills up.

Goofy Runner | 12/06/2019

If sentry mode is going to display a warning on how many times it was triggered, it should at least be able to show the clips for those events. Having to go home, pull out he usb stick, put it in the computer and hunt for the clip is not an elegant solution. Agree that these triggered alert clips should be added to a new folder.

httran26 | 12/06/2019

@Lorenzryanc, 4 or 8Gig is too small. I would go bigger.
Keep in mind, the TeslaCam continues to record into Recently as long as it is awake. It continues to record even after you walked away and the car locks. It stops recording when it goes into deep sleep.

Sentry Mode has worked fairly well for me. When an event is triggered, a whole 10 minute video section is saved. The actual event is usually in the last 1-2 minutes in that time span. When reviewing my Saved videos, I usually look at folders with 10 min span and review the videos in the last two minutes.

Lorenzryanc | 13/06/2019

Thanks all. I figured the size was my limiting factor, it is 8gb. I thought it wrote over itself when needed, but a cheap drive can only be written so many times, I didn't know that. Both drives I've tried are the epitome of cheap. Freebees from work events. I'll order a real brand. Thanks again!

Tronguy | 13/06/2019

Additional comment about players: I found that under Windows, video playing of the files on the USB stick were hit-or-miss with W10 default players. What does work: VLC. Man, that tool plays _everything_.

gballant4570 | 13/06/2019

A great idea for a future Tesla software update.... include capability to review USB stored Sentry video files in the car.

catoriswann | 14/06/2019

I just downloaded an app for my Android called TeslaCam/Sentry Reviewer. Free download. Then just buy a USB adapter for your phone, in my case it was a usb3.1 to usbc.

The app lets you review video on your phone, without having to leave the car. You get all three camera angles simultaneously. You can set it to play at 2x or 8x speed, or you can manually thumb through the event video for even faster review.

It does break the videos up into 1 minute files, but it automatically triggers the next file upon completion of the first, so you are not constantly navigating a menu folder.

There are occasional glitches with camera timecode synchronization, but I suspect that is an issue with the sensors more than the app, and it usually self-corrects in short order.

Potatoee | 18/06/2019

I really wish that there was some way of knowing >why< a Sentry Event was triggered. I often come to the car to find that one or more events have occurred with no visible reason from the monitor as to why and no video evidence to indicate the cause either. It would be nice to know why the car thought it necessary to trigger. That would be useful in the case of a "false trigger" indicating that there was a problem with the car or some other reason (e.g. "environmental") that I should be aware of.

Is there any way to find out from the car what the trigger was or does anyone know if this is a planned update? I am at .20 SW release on my M3.