October 16 FSD Plug In?

October 16 FSD Plug In?

Was the October 16th a date for the 3, the S or the X?

I have a first week of October 3 with FSD fully optioned.

EVRider | 12/06/2019

What are you talking about?

Efontana | 12/06/2019

Oh. The shareholder meeting was great!

Elon kept mentioning that all cars made after October 16 could be converted to the fast computer in a plug and play way.

Logically that does not mean that a Model 3 made before October 16 cannot be as easily upgraded.

Maybe only S and X before October 16 have a more difficult upgrade path. I don't know.

Does anyone here know which vehicles the October date applies to?

EVRider | 12/06/2019

I see now. Elon meant October 2016, which is when Model S and X switched from HW1 to HW2. Only HW2 and later cars support FSD and the new computer. All Model 3 cars have HW2.5 or later and are capable of FSD.

Efontana | 12/06/2019

Ah, Thank you.

Makes perfect sense. Pretty incredible corporate discipline to pull this off.

Awesome discipline.

reed_lewis | 13/06/2019

Older Model 3 cars do not have the latest FSD computer yet. They will need to be upgraded. The currently shipping cars all have the FSD computer built in.