Solar roof

Solar roof

Has anyone on this board bought a solar roof? With or without a battery system?

I would love to do this to take me off of the electric grid completely. I am intrigued by the possibilities. My house has a very large roof surface area that would be perfect for a solar roof, I think.

Can anyone give me an estimate for the cost of installing one? If anyone has, can you let me know if you are happy with your decision? And does anyone have the batteries that would make your home self-sufficient?


Earl and Nagin ... | 13/06/2019

The rule of thumb is that you need enough solar to handle at least twice your average daily usage and storage to handle 3 to 4 days worth of electricity in order to enjoy the kind of reliably available electricity to which we've become accustomed from our very good electrical grid in the USA.
You'll find this can cost more than twice as much as a simple grid-tied system would. Therefore, few actually do so.

blue adept | 14/06/2019

There is an initial up-front expense, but that can be financed or amortized, thing is that's all you'll ever have to pay for utilities ever again and, if you chose to, you can marginally expand your system beyond your needs and sell the excess charge/electricity to your local utility provider and use the proceeds to both help payoff your cost of installation and even establish a stream of zero labor, zero expense income that you can do whatever with.

There's a degree of typically unobtainable freedom in that that is priceless.

RuthJoan481 | 14/06/2019

The value of energy your Solar Roof is expected to produce over 30 years is based on the average price of electricity in your area, adjusted for inflation by 2% annually. Your ability to realize the full value depends on your home’s electricity usage, amount of energy storage available, and utility regulations on solar in your area. Electricity price estimates are sourced from the Energy Information Administration and solar production estimates are based on irradiance data from NASA.

Tesla2018 | 15/06/2019

There was an article that a solar roof costs about 65K and another 10 or 1tK for storage. Dont know if it was FUD or true.

I only use $1000 worth of electricity a year without the Tesla. I was given an estimate of between 20-60 K for a regular tile roof replacement. The higher amount was after their was a hurricane and people were getting ripped off. Would like to get one in 5 yrs when I need a new roof, but I dont think it would be cost effective and if I plan on moving in 10 yrs I doubt anyone would want to pay extra for a house just because it had solar panels. More people would be willing to pay an extra 50k for a pool instead.

BuffaloBillsFan | 15/06/2019

Thanks for all the replies. I want to get off the grid completely, and 60-70K does not seem outlandish to me. That said, I don’t plan to move anytime soon, and an electricity-for-free house may be more desirable when I do end up selling. I think I will look into it a little more . . .

Does anyone actually have a solar roof, and if so, what is your experience?


greg | 15/06/2019

A recent article was published recently gives a good :1 year on perspective from an actual Tesla roof owner.

Google search for "inverse tesla solar roof 9 things"

jimglas | 16/06/2019

FWIW, I just spent 62k to have my hail destroyed "hail resistant" tile roof removed and a rubberized metal roof put on.
So $60k doesn't sound unreasonable at all.
(solar panels pending)

Tesla-David | 16/06/2019

Here is link to article @greg referenced. Interesting and generally positive summary of one year's experience with solar tile roof + PW2. With her setup she accrued an electric bill of only $119.61 for the entire year, which is not bad indicating the solar + PW2 provided most of her electricity, with minimum grid draws.

BuffaloBillsFan | 16/06/2019

Thanks, all!

greg | 16/06/2019


Yes but she did not manage to go-off grid entirely, which is the @OP's desire.
Nor did the solar exports cover the connection cost, so there is a "minimal" Grid connection fee.

You could overcome both those issues.

But as with everything, there are likely more than a few trade offs involved.

Tesla-David | 17/06/2019

I know @greg. I am in a similar situation with 13.2 solar system + 2 PW2's. We are still connected to grid and our electric bill last year for the connection fee + some grid draws during winter when our solar was insufficient to cover our needs was $180 in Edmonds, WA. We are operating in self-powered mode with our PW2's which are an incredible complement to our solar, but because of where we live, we have 3+ months where we could not operate off grid due to insufficient solar + batteries to carry us through. If I lived in Hawaii, Texas, Arizona, Florida, etc. no problem.

Tesla-David | 17/06/2019

Oops 13.2 kWh solar PV system.

andy.connor.e | 17/06/2019

Solar roof prices are dropping. I expect (and was told to expect) next year for solar roof availability. Will revisit this next year.

jimglas | 17/06/2019

add another PW..... off grid
if that is your desire
$100/yr seems like a small compromise with 2 PWs

BuffaloBillsFan | 17/06/2019


I think I will do the same and revisit next year. This is a very high priority for me, but I have other projects that will perhaps make my house more eco-friendly in the short term this year.

Hopefully, the price will drop over the next year and I can tell the “grid” to piss off next year. The cost right now just seems excessive. . . .

Again, thanks for all who posted for their input!


Tesla-David | 17/06/2019

@BuffaloBillsFan,, where do you live? As I mentioned above, I live in Edmonds, WA, and have some solar challenges between November and mid February due to insufficient solar to satisfy our home and EV charging requirements even with our 2-PW2 batteries. Living off grid here would be very difficult. Obviously, reducing your energy footprint will help to satisfy your goal, which helped us tremendously. Good luck with your efforts and keep us informed about your progress and ultimate configuration. If I were doing solar today I would definitely consider doing a solar tile roof, and I believe EM is stating the cost should be coming down even more with the updated tile configurations.

blue adept | 18/06/2019


Available storage doesn't seem to be your issue as much as extended periods of inclement weather inhibiting your system's ability to recharge.

Given the particular weather conditions for your region, might I suggest the addition of a wind turbine? In particular, a vertical axis turbine? They've proven to be the most efficient from what's available out there and could prove to be a worthwhile supplement to your system, one that might even allow you to go fully off-grid.

andy.connor.e | 18/06/2019

I need a roof replacement in the next 2 years. So the way i see it, do it while theres still a federal tax rebate that can be rolled over to multiple tax years.

Tesla-David | 18/06/2019

Thanks @blue adept, I have long thought about adding wind turbines, but hesitated, but will seriously look at adding enough wind turbines to supplement our shortfall from solar from November to February. I have plenty of solar the remainder of the year to power our home, charge up our PW2's and two Tesla's. Looking at options ( Semtive looks interesting. I am very much interested in finding alternatives that make us more self sufficient.