Polish and wax recommendations

Polish and wax recommendations

Anybody have recommendations for the type of polish and wax they use for Model 3? Or intricacies of polishing or waxing the car?

Lonestar10_1999 | 17/06/2019

I have learned about this water/waterless wax system and I can attest it works great l

nirava | 17/06/2019

I would highly suggest getting a ceramic coating. I got the opti coat pro plus and it is amazing. No need to ever wax or polish again. Paid $1.200 but over 6 years of ownership, not too bad

ODWms | 17/06/2019

I second that!

tdwin2000 | 17/06/2019

I never had mine ceramic coated. I use the stuff on Amazon that is recommended above. In fact, my car is the red one in the pictures of the reviews of the Aero Cosmetics Wash/Wax All. It doesn't scratch the paint and I usually can do my whole car in about 15 minutes inside my garage with no hose. The nice thing is that here in sunny S Florida, there are a lot of bugs you get on the front just driving on the highway. When I get home, just spray a little on the front end and use a damp cloth to completely clean and apply a light coat of the wax at the same time. Stuff is great