Making of Truckla

Making of Truckla

Interesting and fun.

finman100 | 18/06/2019

wow, she is funny! and that project is soooooo impressive. wow!

I hope Elon does respond and that meeting makes it to the you-tubes.

Awesome work, Simone.

kevin_rf | 18/06/2019

And by my count Model 3 forum thread number three... Maybe Elon should just make a Model 3 Truckla instead

Magic 8 Ball | 18/06/2019

Is there a place to put granny's rocker so she has a good view when we drive on out to californary?

billlake2000 | 18/06/2019

Could granny possibly be tethered to the lumber rack???

ReD eXiLe ms us | 19/06/2019

I would very much appreciate an official Tesla Model 3 Truckla. Much better than an SUV or Crossover or Wagon. But no, I wouldn't want a standard issue compact or midsize pickup at all.