Sentry mode caught somebody breaking in my car in San Francisco

Sentry mode caught somebody breaking in my car in San Francisco

First part:
Second part:

The first part doesn't show the actual break in but has a good shot of his face. The second part shows him breaking in. Nothing was taken, nothing was in the car.

legna_fo_htaed | 18/06/2019

Did he break a window? Seems like he just looked or reached inside with that flashlight and dipped. Still a scum bag. Glad your footage caught it.

CharleyBC | 18/06/2019


I’m so not a thief that I don’t even understand how he got in. It looks like he just leaned against the car really hard. I would have expected violent swinging of a hammer or rock or something. Shows what I know.

Now what? Have you provided this to police? Do they care? And what about local TV? That seemed to have helped with the Sacramento keying incident a few weeks ago.

Sorry this happened to you.

jjgunn | 18/06/2019

Right over by Hard Knox cafe too.

Great food, don't drive the Tesla. Thx, got it!

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 18/06/2019

Looks like the dirty prick was attempting to shield his face from the camera.

Magic 8 Ball | 18/06/2019

Looks like a special undercover agent with official flashlight.
Probably looking for aliens.

kc4129 | 18/06/2019

Did he break the rear quarter panel glass and fold down the back seat? Did you get the "Sentry mode has triggered the alarm state" notification on your phone?

billlake2000 | 18/06/2019

Can't tell what he was doing. Was he having sex with your car?

TranzNDance | 18/06/2019

I know some people think Tesla vehicles are sexy, but humping the poor car is a bit much.

TeslaNC10 | 18/06/2019

Where was your car parked? Looked ominous with all the barbed wire.

billlake2000 | 18/06/2019

All seriousness aside, sure would be nice if the local station picked it up and broadcast it.. I think the interest in that type of video with a TESLA would grab the ratings attention of the programming director. Hopedope, make the call to KGO, KCBS, KFRC, KQED, whatever, see if you get any nibbles.

spf4000 | 18/06/2019

Ugh, sorry to hear it happened to you. Car break-ins is a major problem in SF and East Bay, and the police do nothing about it since prosecutors won't bother going after what they consider petty crime. These criminals are back on the streets the day after they are arrested (if they are arrested). SOMA streets are littered with broken windows. I stopped a would be thief from breaking into a car right outside my workplace by calling him out. I wish there was more we could do to stop them.

slasisi | 18/06/2019


Does anyone know how to find the files recorded from Sentry mode?

billlake2000 | 18/06/2019

Let me guess. Dir?

kevin_rf | 19/06/2019

CharleyBC, Glass break tools need almost no force, they are usually sold as survival tools in combination with a seatbelt cutter for less than $20 on places like Amazon. Fast forward 2:10 in the video to see how little force is needed.

Since this work by a sharp point (carbide/diamond) penetrating the glass surface, I wonder if a clear thin plastic layer like used in a car wrap would defeat attempts at breaking the rear quarter window. Just adhere it to the window. The tool will be completely ineffective against it.

dsvick | 19/06/2019

@slasisi - "Does anyone know how to find the files recorded from Sentry mode?"

Check out the dashcam section of the owners manual, it explains what you need to do. Essentially you need a FAT32 formatted flash drive inserted into one of the front USB ports, it has to have a folder named TeslaCam in the root.

hopedope | 24/06/2019

He broke the rear quarter window just by applying pressure to the window with his elbow. I don't think he had a tool, but maybe he did. The thing in his hand was a flash that he used to look inside the car and trunk after he reached in and pulled the seat down. In the video, you can't really notice him pull the back seat down, but it was for sure down when I got back to the car.

I haven't reported it yet anywhere yet but I plan on it.

BTW if you need OEM Tesla parts check out this place: Highly recommended.

kevin_rf | 24/06/2019

Did he maybe break it with a glass tool and then clear the glass with his elbow?