Condensation or water permeation in my rear light

Condensation or water permeation in my rear light

Hello all! After a series of rains in NE Ohio, I noticed that my right rear light had some water accumulation on the inside. Is this a problem that anyone else encountered? And if yes, have you repaired it and did Tesla cover the charges? The service guy tells me that it depends and that some condensation is normal. I think for a less than one year old vehicle, it is not acceptable. Appreciate everybody's feedback.Thank you!

Wormtown Kris | 19/06/2019

Have had our Model 3 for 10 months. I had a small bit of condensation once or twice. Went away on its own the next day. So definitely watch it, but likely not something to worry about, IMHO.

Magic 8 Ball | 19/06/2019

The story is that the lights have vent holes and that when they heat up the condensation "burns off". Contrary to popular belief LED lights have components that heat up.

Does the condensation in your light fail to "burn off" after using it a while?

bhavinmistry | 19/06/2019

I had condensation in my rear right also that never went away. Telsa replaced the light under warranty.

frolovalevi0 | 19/06/2019

hello all! thank you so much for the quick responses. So ... only one light (right) has this issue. the left does not. And the condensation or whatever it may be (water from the rain?) is still there, a few days later. So, do you say then that it is an issue and I should schedule a service? I do want to Tesla to cover for this as I think it is a defect. Thoughts?

Magic 8 Ball | 19/06/2019

You are the customer, everyone handles it different, crowdsourcing opinions on what to do in this case seems silly.

dwakelee | 19/06/2019

Dozens of threads on this - common issue. Had the same thing myself with one of the rear tail lights not clearing up. Mobile Service replaced it - took minutes. It did take 2 months for the appointment, but I understand things are improving depending on where you are located. Yes, free warranty repair - it is a defect if it doesn't clear up.

frolovalevi0 | 19/06/2019

thank you for sharing.

lbowroom | 19/06/2019

I'd go further and say condensation should never be present inside a light assembly.

hoffmannjames | 19/06/2019

I had the same issue. I got some condensation inside my rear right brake light that did not go away. A little condensation that goes away is fine but if it persists, it's a problem. It is an easy fix though. Just schedule a service appointment. Tesla will send a mobile service van to your location and replace the rear brake light in question. It will take less than 30 minutes.

dwakelee | 19/06/2019

I'd agree, but this is just not the case for Tesla for whatever reason. Their tail lights and fog lights do this and temporary condensation is considered normal for them. I've never seen any other car with moisture condensation unless the seal failed completely. Their headlight assemblies seem to be without issue.

Some things we just tolerate because the other aspects of the car are so great. Top notch in many areas, the basics are what typically seem problematic.

cascadiadesign | 19/06/2019

Washed my Model 3 at the DIY car wash recently and it took 10 days for my left rear light to dry out. Should I ask for a replacement? 10 days seems excessive.

lbowroom | 19/06/2019

I would

christian | 19/06/2019

I had this as well in the right tail light. I live in Seattle, so there was plenty of water to reveal the issue within the first week of owning the car. The rest of the lights all remained dry while one almost always had water/condensation in it. The Tesla service center up here recognized it as an issue and replaced it and I haven't had the issue in any of the lights since.

M8B, "crowdsourcing opinions on what to do in this case seems silly"? Right? How dare someone come to a Model 3 forum with an issue, an opinion, and requesting advice? That's not what forums are for! There's not even any way to prove that the water in the light wasn't put there by the OP! Actually, I doubt the OP even owns a Model 3. They're probably a FUDster short on Tesla stock! A troll I say! "She's a witch! Burn her!"

steevsteevsteev | 19/06/2019

Definitely make a service appointment if any condensation is ever visible. You don't want water building up under areas that are supposed to be protected from water. I had the exact same issue with the right tail light. They sent a tech to my house to replace it for free.

SolArray | 20/06/2019

I had positive experience with replacement under warranty. They asked me to do the courtesy of mobile phone photo several days after rain (compared to other taillight). It was obvious to them from photos that "one evaporated, the other was holding standing water." Replaced without issue or charge.

coleAK | 20/06/2019

@lbow... I with you. We had all 4 tail lights replaced under warranty for condensation. The new 4 lights do the same thing. Now they won’t replace them as I’ve been told they are designed that way. The problem here in Alaska is the lights condensate then freeze solid from the inside.

coleAK | 20/06/2019

My problem is no one at Tesla can tell me if the LEDs are sealed within the unit. And if they are not the moisture will greatly decrease their lifespan. Also in warm wet climates I would guess it could contribute to some nice mold/fungus farming. Sort of like tiny little mobile greenhouses.

lbowroom | 20/06/2019

"Designed to allow condensation to form on the inside of the light assembly" That sounds completely ludicrous.

coleAK | 20/06/2019

I agree. I actually had somone at Tesla tell me that since it has LED lights that are uncommon they were designed that way. I informed them that many cars have had LED lights for the last decade

I’ve inly had one other LED tail light that wasn’t sealed and It got that way on my ‘13 Lexus when I slid into a tree off roading.

ybbor | 20/06/2019

Exact same thing happened to my P3D+ - water in the left rear tail light. Tesla replaced.

jondoe888 | 20/06/2019

Ours had that on delivery, on the right side. 'It will burn off'. I waited a week, but it didn't. I'm on the schedule for a new light.
And I'm 20min away. For the 2hr job, they will uber me to home and back. Is this what they are now doing, when you aren't too far away?

jondoe888 | 20/06/2019

I was told by the service manager that the fog lights were vented. They tried unvented, and it didn't work well. Somehow, water still got in. There was a lot of condensation in the light. The left light has stayed dry.
I rarely use fog lights. Especially on wet roads. They reflect, and blind oncoming drivers.

wiboater4 | 20/06/2019

scheduled a service call for right rear tail light condensation about a week ago. This will be the second time that tail light is being replaced. Service told me it is supposed to be a sealed unit. have had condensation in it for at least 4 weeks maybe longer. I do get some condensation in the other lights but not as bad.