What does everyone think of adding extra door seals?

What does everyone think of adding extra door seals?

I'm looking to see what everything thinks of adding extra door seals, such as the ones below. Has anyone noticed a difference? I can already see how it will help keep the sill cleaner.

spuzzz123 | 19/06/2019

In terms of noise reduction I am skeptical. The sound I hear is fire noise and, at higher speeds, wind rushing around the mucho glass frame. I don’t hear or feel wind coming in from the doors. But I guess everyone ones experience may vary

lilbean | 19/06/2019

Waste of money and time.

kcheng | 19/06/2019

I'd say it's mostly a placebo.

kinupeiphone | 19/06/2019

It has been proven that it is quieter at certain speeds.

Magic 8 Ball | 19/06/2019

Flex seal, the spray in stuff, will keep the bad stuff out and make your car float.
Use whatever is left over to seal your gutters.

DrSteve | 19/06/2019

I did the mod for my Model 3. The car is slightly quieter on the freeway, but not so much that the change is obvious. The high frequencies are the most attenuated. It does make the doors a little harder to close, especially the rear doors because they get more of the P seal than the front doors. Overall I am happy with it and other than scrabbling on the floor of my garage for a half hour, it was pretty easy to do. The seals are just held on with adhesive tape, so if you don't like them, you can always just remove them.

smrsxn | 19/06/2019

I did it to my model 3. It really has reduced dirt that comes on foot sils inside the doors. Before the extra seals on a rainy day water will sneak inside and leave dirt there.
Cant really say if it reduces sound... I am sure it must have reduced some sound...
Only con I noticed is that its slightly harder to close doors with extra seals.

BrianLeeS | 20/06/2019

Yep, I was thinking about this more for sealing out the dirt on the sills than anything else.

Thanks for all the input!