Consumer Reports Audi E-Tron first impression

Consumer Reports Audi E-Tron first impression

I have been accused of being too harsh on CR because it did not give Tesla cars great ratings (they deserve). Take a look at this and what it said of Tesla's cars that are much better and of much better should become obvious to you why I said those things aboud CR. For example the CR's take:
***The E-Tron has an air of maturity that exudes quality, and it’s likely because it comes from an established luxury automaker.***
Does it feel like it came from Audi's ad agency or from Consumer Reports to you?

And its lethargic acceleration now becomes a good thing because it "doesn't lunge off from a stop" like some other EV's do. Huh? How long have you been driving? Don't you even know no EV needs to be lunged off from a stop unless YOU want it to?

And where is the mention of safety recall from the fire danger? Would ever miss the chance if it was a Tesla?

Oh and that ridiculously low efficiency of the E-tron? It's nothing worth mention now because Tesla's lead is too much for others to catch up?

How about charging infrastructure? Irrelevant because Tesla has the great superchargers network out there?

If any CR defenders still don't think how hypocritical and biased CR has becoming this one should convince you.

TrexTesla | 02/07/2019

Many of the comments and reviews from those who HAVE driven the e-tron are spot on. I have an Audi Q7 and was looking to make the transition to EV. I thought the e-tron would be that vehicle, drove it a number of times, and was minutes away from buying one. My son is an ice hockey goalie, so need room for gear! The e-tron has a little less room than the Q7, but more than the Q5; plenty big for all my son's gear, pads and all. Frunk is useless for a vehicle this size. Interior is impeccable, but I think the heptac touch screen is a step back from the previous MMI, requiring more attention to see what your doing. It is plenty quick. 5.5 seconds to 60 with the "boost" function (lasts for 8 seconds, then needs to regen again, which only takes a few seconds).

I wound up going with the Model 3 LR AWD that I picked up June 29 and couldn't be happier! Why? A few reasons:

First, from a practicality stand point, range. The e-tron was woefully lacking in range, despite the ability to quickly charge at 350kw stations via Electrify America. While they aren't everywhere, there are two perfectly situated on our route from Virginia Beach to Raleigh (200 miles one way) where my son plays. But, we could have gotten by with it since the chargers are almost exactly 100 and 150 miles from my house on the route.

Second, price. 80k for it? Not yet. Right around the time I was EV shopping, the article about EVs compared to ICE depreciation hit the streets. An Audi Q7 would deprecite around 58% over 3 years compared to the 38% average for ICE vehicles, making the e-tron probably closer to the top end of EV depreciation stats at 65% or so...That same article indicated Teslas (specifically the Model S) depreciated in the neighborhood of 17%. I do tend to go through cars every few years, so that was a big deal for me. Even with the $7,500 tax credit, I didn't see this as a good buy. Audi was not willing to budge on the price, so I walked.

Third. A more philosophical reason prompted by serious discussions with my family, and especially my teenage sons who are worried about their future environment that we leave them. Commitment to EV. The e-tron will not be mass produced and mostly made to order. That tells me the company is doing it for compliance reasons, and not committed to the bigger picture. Add to that, Audi is part of VW and therefore part of dieselgate (I know, I have a Q7...I'm getting rid of it!). Preaching to the choir here, but we all know Tesla's mission.

Lastly, while the e-tron is a fine vehicle and I would be using it for my son's hockey travels, the Model 3 was just way more fun to drive! Not as refined with a rougher ride on certain pavement, and more road and wind noise than the e-tron, but that's why you have an awesome radio!!! BTW, my son's gear fits just fine in the trunk of the 3. His stick either goes in the back seat, or we put one side of the rear seats down and's usually the two of us traveling anyway.

In short, can't go wrong with either, depending upon your personal needs, tastes, and reason for getting an EV (save $, save the environment, or both!). I don't judge anyone on any of these. On a personal note, I'm not a fan of those who poo poo ICE drivers as killing the environment. ALL vehicles, EV or otherwise, are bad for the environment...EVs are just less bad right now, with the capability of becoming closer to neutral than ICE vehicles based on better battery tech, production of electric to fuel them, and the products used to make the pieces (tires, parts, etc...). baby steps!!

vmulla | 02/07/2019

You're my forum hero for the day!

Passion2Fly | 02/07/2019

Have you considered a CPO Model X? You can get an excellent condition one for the price of a new ETron.

jordanrichard | 02/07/2019

BTW Fish, IIHs is in your words the "gold standard", according to who? The IIHS is solely funded by the insurance industry. Anyone can create a business and put in the word "institute", doesn't make it official. Look at how many fly by night "schools" that have the word institute in it.

calvin940 | 02/07/2019


But but but.... how do you expect FISH to prop up his ridiculous arguments without citing irrelevant bodies?

TrexTesla | 02/07/2019

LOL! Passion2Fly...I was literally looking up used Xs when I read your post! We thought about it. However, my wife has a mini-van that she's not ready to get rid of. So, since I mostly commute 40 miles round trip x 5 days, thought it better to get the Model 3 now. Hopefully, I can get her over to the Green side and in a year or two, look at either the Y, the X, or whatever else is on the market then! I am flying to San Diego next week and plan on Turo-ing an X to see what it's like. I test drove one last year when I began EV shopping, but haven't recently.

SamO | 02/07/2019

Does FISHEV remind anyone of EaglePDX?

His noxious bullshit. Half-truths and failure to answer direct questions have the ring of paid astroturfer.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 02/07/2019

Oh, the douchebags who stand to gain. Got it.

vmulla | 02/07/2019

Is anyone saying one car is safer than the other? I think not.
There's crash ratings, and there's perceptions of safety. Right?

@FishEV, since you bought the 3, and since you are really interested in safety, I would assume you did your research. The ultimate winner in your research should logically be the safest car - or you went out of your way to buy a less safe car. Which is it?

jordanrichard | 02/07/2019

Seriously!!!!? Did you not read what I said. IIHS is an insurance industry operation. What the hell else would you expect the insurance industry to say. Also you cite the “auto industry” as saying that they are the “gold standard”. “Auto industry” is quite vague. Besides, the auto manufacturer industry does not build cars to meet IIHS standards, they by law have to build them to government standards (DOT, EPA and NHTSA)

vmulla | 02/07/2019

So you got the car for being a capable safe EV that has a charging network. That's cool!
You saved yourself some $$$s and skipped AP option, right? Or was your research poor? You did try the cars for a few days right?

calvin940 | 02/07/2019

@FISHEV | July 2, 2019

"Too funny that the Teserlites on the forum reviewed a threat that is the longest running advertisement for the Audi e-Tron."

Totally. You are on to it. You managed to see right through us.

We are completely advocating for the little turd instead of a Tesla. I'm personally going to keep this thread right to the top of the dung heap to help with your mission!

Your momma didn't raise no fool.

SamO | 02/07/2019

If this thread is advertising Audi’s turdwaggon, then it is money well spent.

Why doesn’t Tesla advertise?


calvin940 | 03/07/2019



jimglas | 03/07/2019

Fish, so buy an audi, just stop complaining

carlk | 03/07/2019

***Does FISHEV remind anyone of EaglePDX?***

Probably from the same employer if not the same person. Was EaglePDX banned?

Joshan | 03/07/2019

Just flag Fish's BS posts, its fun to watch them disappear into nothingness.

SamO | 03/07/2019

Eagles is that you. Cacaw cacaw.

Meanwhile in the real world, Tesla is the safest car measured in Europe. Who wants to be Audi wishes it could simply buy good reviews and safety.

But but but. All this good press for turdwaggon.

carlk | 12/07/2019

I thought no one could outdo the absurdity of the spin that E-Tron does not need the pick up it's lacking because it's a luxury car. Well CR has just proved me wrong. The meager range of the car is not an issue because people who could afford a $80,000 car could have a second car. Are you serious? How much Audi has paid you for what even its own marketing people would have problem to say in straight face?

Bighorn | 12/07/2019

Good call. Fool me once...

calvin940 | 12/07/2019

This was a laugh:

"It may be that the market for this doesn’t take family road trips. They may fly. Electric cars today still make a case, particularly $80,000 ones, for a second car. Now there are a lot of people out there, and there are stories online about people, they own a Chevy Bolt, or they own a Leaf, and that’s their only car, and they still run into those headaches of ‘my gosh, I have to stop and charge it’ and it certainly is a case today depending on what you want out of an electric car,"

ya.. people with that much money... maybe they'll even take their own personal jets.

"Curiously enough, several updates on the e-tron remain unsaid in Consumer Reports‘ recent video, such as the ongoing recall for the SUV due to a potential fire risk. The range challenges of the e-tron have also been documented extensively, even by foreign organizations such as nextmove from Germany; and so far, reviews of the SUV which concluded that the vehicle’s range is being underestimated seem to be quite scarce. "

So CR once again showing it's true biased colors. This one jackhammers the nails in the coffin for that publication ever being trusted. Good show.

carlk | 12/07/2019

I did not bother to watch the youtube of course although from one comment there"

"This whole review smell "PAID". What do you mean"elegant pull away acceleration", slow is slow, fast is fast. "

"Elegant pull away acceleration"? Lol...I would never have believed it if someone told me before CR can go this low.

82bert | 13/07/2019

@carlk. Saw all of that as well. Shameful, but not surprising. They mad excuses for everything negative related to the etron and even found a way to make things like slower acceleration sound like a desired trait. They also praised the interior for being traditional...gross.

HighlandPony | 13/07/2019

I smell feature request... If Tesla added “Elegant” as an acceleration option would it be in between chill and standard, or below chill?

vmulla | 13/07/2019

There was a forum user who says he'd like limo kind of acceleration on the 3.
That would be elegant? Point being, there's already a request :)

HighlandPony | 13/07/2019

Or maybe it’s just rebranding chill as elegant. Maybe they could one up CR/Audi and call it luxurious.

vmulla | 13/07/2019

Chill seems more Teslaesque. I like chill.

carlk | 15/07/2019

@vmulla "Chill seems more Teslaesque. I like chill."

But if Tesla call it "elegant pull away" mode it can score a few points with Consumer Reports. Better yet if the range can be software limited to 200 miles maybe CR will finally call the Model 3 a great car worthy of people who could afford a second car.

vmulla | 16/07/2019

How'd this thread come back?