How can you tell if you have HW#?

JAD | 26/06/2019

You basically can't and it doesn't really matter for a few more months as the software does not yet take advantage of the HW3 computer. When HW3 is better, HW2.5 will get upgraded to 3 if needed.

rhj | 26/06/2019

You can look behind the dash and find the part number or
You can enable dash cam and record a video on a usb stick
You can then check that video to see if it was encoded h264 Pre HW3 or h265 HEVC which is HW3.
If you paid for FSD you will get HW3 as an upgrade when FSD is no longer in Beta

legna_fo_htaed | 26/06/2019

Easiest way is the video CODEC as @rhj mentioned

Quinten | 26/06/2019

@ sjohnson,

I tried to schedule a retrofit from HW 2.5 to HW 3.0 as I got the FSD package but TSC told me they don't have any plan or have any on stock yet. So I will have to wait.

EVRider | 26/06/2019

Don't rush to upgrade to HW3 before you need to. Some people were reporting earlier that certain features weren't working at all or as well on HW3 vs. HW2.5. I don't know if those issues have been fixed, but I'm planning to stick with HW2.5 until I know that HW3 works just as well or better.

j | 26/06/2019

I would not take a delivery of a new Tesla without HW3. Software is easy to update and fix over WiFi in your garage. Hardware retrofits will require your vehicle be unusable while it is serviced and will never approach the reliability of hardware that is built into the car on the assembly line.

lordmiller | 26/06/2019

What a jack-ass. @J clearly has no idea how easy it is to swap that out.

bradbomb | 26/06/2019

Don't worry, @J paid for FSD three times already, so he has FIRST HAND knowledge how a process that hasn't been implemented yet will go, unless @J you have a vehicle that already has been upgraded to HW3. I'm sure there are FSD purchasers who would love to know how to get theirs upgraded already.

kevin_rf | 26/06/2019

Is it possible to find a totaled model 3 in a junkyard with HW3 and do the swap yourself?

Let us know the results?

M3phan | 26/06/2019

@j, it’s a simple chip switch, would take no time at all relatively speaking, behind the glovebox.

spiderx1 | 26/06/2019

I contacted Tesla Tech Support via chat option at the bottom of the support page, ask them which HW I had, they ask for the VIN. Then verified I had 2.5. Took about 3 minutes.

landoncube | 27/06/2019

I have one car with each.
Seems as if they’re reaching parity according to the features and firmware update commonalities.
2018 P3D HW 2.5 20.4.5
2019 DMLR HW FSD 20.4.2

dsvick | 27/06/2019

@j - " Hardware retrofits will ... never approach the reliability of hardware that is built into the car on the assembly line."

Perhaps you should read up on how computer chips and the like work before making such a staggeringly inaccurate statement.

jjyst5 | 27/06/2019

Let's not bash the OPs misunderstanding too much. It's going to be a PCB assembly with multiple "computer chips" on it. So the commenters who are bashing the ignorance of the OP are doing the bashing with only slightly less ignorance and here I am posting with only a little less ignorance then that. It is not a "computer chip" swap. There may be multiple revisions of the PCB that the fsd asic chips are mounted on so if you wait you might get a slightly better version of hardware than the originally installed HW3 computer. The asic likely won't change but some of the surrounding circuitry could unless they freeze the hardware design.

M3phan | 27/06/2019

ok, It’s more like a small board swap on which the two redundant FSD chips reside. Sits between the glovebox and firewall (mentioned by Tesla FSD Head engineer at Autonomy Day keynote). And Tesla techs simply unplug the old board and plug in the new board. This is how musk has described it on April 12 this year in an interview with Lex Friedman:

M3phan | 27/06/2019

Musk makes that comment at the 5:45 mark

kevin_rf | 27/06/2019

But, what if the cable comes loose after the swap? Yes, I'm really tunneling for electrons trying to bridge that gap. Not enough potential.

M3phan | 28/06/2019

Personal experience is why I’m not worried; my current computer board was switched out last July a week after delivery, and it’s been absolutely problem free ever since.
(Earlier build, VIN 2x,xxx, diagnosed computer prob within first week of ownership, Tesla replaced it no problem.)

samwaters1307 | 19/11/2019

You can enable dash cam and record a video on a usb stick.