New Model S 21" Silver Arachnid Wheels and Tires (WPB FL)

New Model S 21" Silver Arachnid Wheels and Tires (WPB FL)

I'm asking $3,500 for a brand new set of Model S 21" silver Arachnid wheels and tires that I received as a referral award. These were never installed and are at the West Palm Beach FL Tesla Service Center; the buyer pays $125 plus tax to install the tires there or at any other Service Center.

The set includes the wheels, tires, TPMS, and all the necessary hardware. The tires are Michelin Pilot Super Sports, size 245/35/21 (front) and 265/35/21 (rear).

I'm only considering local buyers for now, but I have to pick up the tires soon if no one local buys them. Once I bring them home, the buyer will be responsible for shipping them to the Service Center of their choice.

If interested, respond to my ad in the TMC forum:

EVRider | 03/07/2019

Found out that free installation is not transferable to the buyer, so I updated the main topic accordingly. I also added some other information.

Silver2K | 03/07/2019

Costco will install for $15 each wheel

EVRider | 03/07/2019

@Silver2K: If you're switching from the 19" wheels there's more to do than just installing the new wheels, including some configuration changes in the car. Needs to be done by the Service Center. If you're replacing existing 21" wheels, you can probably do it anywhere.

PBEndo | 03/07/2019

Do you have any specifics regarding the changes that are necessary when changing wheel sizes?

EVRider | 03/07/2019

The car has different internal configurations for the 19” and 21” wheels (including how your car is displayed in the instrument panel). I’ve heard that Tesla Service needs to swap the internal configuration for you, but maybe that has changed.

BCCA | 03/07/2019

A friend of mine changed his 19 inch aerowheels to an after market 20 inch rim in his M3 at an independent tire shop. He did not have to go to Tesla to change anything. It helped that his new rims were dark in color like his aerowheels. I understand that if the rim color changes and you want your car's image to match, then you need to have Tesla make that change for you. Tesla would choose the closest rim design in their library.

BCCA | 03/07/2019

Correction meant 18 inch aerowheels, not 19 inch.

PBEndo | 04/07/2019

I changed 21's to 19's on 2 Ses. I did not have any configuration changes done by Tesla. If it is just the image that is changed, I am not concerned. If there is some functional change that needs to be done, I would like to know about it.

PBEndo | 04/07/2019

I wonder if the range calculation is affected by different wheels.....

EVRider | 04/07/2019

If someone here buys my wheels, they can ask the Service Center when they install them and let us know (if they don’t go to Costco instead :-).

bishoppeak | 04/07/2019

The car will automatically update for 21" wheels, no need to make a trip to the service center.

Boonedocks | 04/07/2019

“ bishoppeak | July 4, 2019
The car will automatically update for 21" wheels, no need to make a trip to the service center.”

Most people will want the car avatar to display the correct wheels. So even though the car will technically update to the 21” size you will still have your old wheels displayed as your avatar unless you tide the Service Center for installation

MilesMD88 | 04/07/2019

Boonedocks +1
SC puts a laptop on & changes dash display to reflect Arachnids. Next day my mobile AP reflected same.

DavidinNC | 05/07/2019

I am looking to buy someone's new referral award 21" black arachnids and tire set Please PM if you have a set never installed and prefer the cash. Need near NC or shipped to NC. Thanks

EVRider | 05/07/2019

@DavidinNC: There’s no PM feature here, but you can do that on the TMC forum. Note that the referral award wheels are silver, not black.