Model S Panoramic Roof Sunshades

Model S Panoramic Roof Sunshades

Can you operate the panoramic roof with the sunshades on? And does it really cut out two thirds of the solar heat as indicated in the description?

PrescottRichard | 04/07/2019

The Tesla shades do let you operate the roof. I’d have a hard time saying they block heat from getting in the car, since they are in the car under the roof window.

For the summer I bought some evannex sun shades (for parking, reflective and thick) and I put them in-between the Tesla shade and glass. This works, but the roof is no longer operable, which is fine really.

MilesMD88 | 04/07/2019

When you ask if you can operate the panoramic roof, do you mean a sunroof? If yes, I have the Tesla sunshades installed. The shades dramatically cut down on the heat & you can open / close sunroof with shades installed.

SoCal Buzz | 04/07/2019

I would say the sunshades filter light but don’t really decrease heat since they are black. However it’s nice to have shade on with the pano open, given it does decrease direct sunlight on your body.

redacted | 05/07/2019

The pano roof doesn't open except in case of horrific accident, as @Milestoomuchtotype points out. Or, I suppose, if you find the secret control I've never found.

If you have the sunroof, another possibility for heat blocking is Spectra Photosync tint, which is an infrared-blocking tint. I had it when I had the sunroof, and it helped a lot. Helped the rest of the car a lot, too.

SoCal Buzz | 06/07/2019

Well the “All Glass Panoramic Roof” certainly does open on my ‘13 Model S via touchscreen not accident :). I notice my ‘18 invoice says Sunroof, so perhaps they renamed it when the all glass solid roof was introduced.

AERODYNE | 07/07/2019

SoCal +1. And I do enjoy my Tesla shades on all my roof windows. When the pano is open, the shades keep the light off of my non yellowing (So far) MCU