Model S Screen Lag

Model S Screen Lag

I recently got a 2017 Model S (HW 2.5). For some reason my touchscreen is super laggy compared to my Model 3. It even has a weird yellow border around the screen. Is this normal?

PeteB Lake Oswego | 05/07/2019

Weird yellow border is a well-known defect. You should be able to get the MCU screen replaced.
HW 2.5 is not nearly as fast as HW 3.0 in the Model 3, so that's my assumption why it's slow. I have Model S HW 2.0 (Feb 2017) and I can't wait until they start offering the new computers to FSD buyers..

Ohmster | 05/07/2019

Oh, oh. MCU vs AP again. Wait for it.....

Tropopause | 05/07/2019

MCU1 is slower than MCU2.

rishabh0428 | 06/07/2019

Even my Tesla Model 3 is a HW 2.5 car and it runs perfectly fine. MUC1 sucks big time. Hopefully they will let us update it soon.

Boonedocks | 06/07/2019

I’m sure the upgrade will be soon :):):) | 06/07/2019

While MCU2 (newest cars & Model 3) are faster, I've not noticed much lagginess in MCU1. No more than Android/iPhones. HW2.5 is not an indication of MCU1 or MCU2. Here are all the dates and differences of MCUs and HW and AP processors:

For yellow band, long thread on this here: Tesla is working on a fix, likely not requiring a screen replacement, but will require service appointment, perhaps this fall.