No one knew. Surprise Opening in BAJA

No one knew. Surprise Opening in BAJA

6 Superchargers open in Ensenada. Don't see it yet on maps but it just came up here.
Anyone in southern California know about this. This is really exciting.

Joshan | 08/07/2019

I stopped at an outlet mall in Pleasent Prarie, Wisconsin yesterday on the way home on my road trip. This location had 8 super chargers and they were all occupied!

To those that say Tesla is not selling in the midwest I beg to differ :P

ReD eXiLe ms us | 08/07/2019

Does tess-s know about this? He was certain Tesla had stopped building Superchargers five years ago.

-TheJohn- | 08/07/2019

I want to see Superchargers in Nogales and Hermosillo so we can make it to San Carlos or Kino Bay. One in Why Az would also be great for Puerto Penasco.

Bighorn | 08/07/2019

None of the last several Mexican SC openings were on the radar. As one of very few who’ve taken a Tesla into Mexico, I’d say be careful what you wish for.

surfpearl | 08/07/2019

Excelente, muchas gracias!

jjgunn | 08/07/2019

No. No....No tome Tesla en México.


Mike83 | 13/07/2019

Brush up on your Spanish. Check out the roads and Superchargers. Would like to see someone do the Ensenada drive.

Bighorn | 13/07/2019

When I drove to Mexico City, I needed special insurance to be in Mexico and needed proof at the border, in addition to registering my car’s and my presence. Baja apparently is more open to tourists, but I suspect US insurance may not cover journeys south of the border. It cost me $42 per day for insurance. Is that accurate?

plugzin | 13/07/2019

It will be interesting to hear what Tesla's energy rates are in Mexico, for owners not covered by the free supercharging deal. I believe all of the country is served by the national electric utility, CFE. There would also be some cost borne somewhere for conversion from pesos to dollars.

richtrav | 14/07/2019

Mmm, I think the main concern about driving a Tesla in Mexico (like other expensive cars) is that people will think you're loaded and you might be more vulnerable to the shake down.

Routes like Nogales to San Carlos are routine enough and have a reasonably safe reputation for Americans that Tesla should consider a couple of superchargers to get to the coast. Currently there are only a few destination chargers and some RV parks in San Carlos so it'd be a long trip (I've been checking, I want to take the trip this fall. I'll probably just drive to Tucson and rent a car there that can be taken into Mexico). Car papers are not required to reach the beaches of Sonora or anywhere in Baja but you'd be crazy to go without buying a generous Mexican insurance policy.

McAllen or Laredo to Monterrey is another popular route (with a dicier reputation) and it is has superchargers. But I think a lot more of those drivers are Mexicans - there's even a store and repair center in Monterrey. When I was at the San Marcos SC last week there was a Model X with Puebla plates charging there and there is no shortage of Mexican nationals shopping at the San Antonio store so they're not THAT rare.

I would assume Tesla would just charge your credit card on file when using the SCs down there and your CC company would just convert it to dollars at the current rate on your bill, basically how every other business down there does it.

Bighorn | 14/07/2019

I experienced the shakedown in Mexico City. The one cop apparently googled Tesla because he was demanding $5000 to avoid a 48 hour impound. Fortunately his partner was not as greedy. Many of the chargers have limited hours that are not that conducive to travel, though night driving is rather dangerous.

carlk | 14/07/2019

There were two new superchargers in south San Jose, and withing a couple miles of each other, opened in the past year. Neither was on the map until days after it's opened. Last month we saw there were almost finished supercharger stations at parking lot of the great mall in Milpitas. It's still not there now as either opened of coming soon yet.

rxlawdude | 14/07/2019

The last time I drove in Mexico was Nogales to Hermosillo, ca. 1975.

The Federales did their highway robbery (I think we gave them $20, which was a lot back then!).

That's the last time I've gone to Mexico. Not on my bucket list. And certainly, not my Teslas' bucket lists.

moabchick | 14/07/2019

Aww man, Bighorn, you're killing my joy! I so dreamed of a road trip down the Baja with my Tesla. No bueno on your reports :(

Bighorn | 14/07/2019

I think Baja is a lot more American friendly. Mexico City, not so much. Insurance is pricy though.

Mike83 | 14/07/2019

Very excited Tesla owners in Mexico and they use EAP. They also have some 75 kW chargers in underground parking. Roads look quite good; better than some I've seen in Oregon(not many logging trucks there)
Insurance varies but some pay $120 for 5 days, cheaper for 3 months or longer.
Sure, Mexico 45 years in the past is quite different.