Weather Tech cargo mat clone

Weather Tech cargo mat clone

Just noticed this on ebay for $57. Looks identical to the weather tech one minus the logo. Anyone already have it?

Jtwo | 10/07/2019

Looks like another case of Chinese piracy. Good price though.

nk.forever.509201 | 10/07/2019

I still need to get a cargo mat and a frunk mat. Would be awesome if you guys have any recommendations for something affordable + good quality from Amazon. Thank you! <3

IH8 CO2 | 10/07/2019

At least this one covers all the floor. Not a copy

gbb0131 | 11/07/2019
jamespompi | 11/07/2019

@IH8 CO2 I didnt even notice it has more coverage by the rear seats than the weather tech/ Tesla one. They already sent me an email stating the order would be delayed, so hopefully it shows up one day.

jamespompi | 11/07/2019

The pains of getting my model 3 almost a year ago is that the accessory options were very limited and high priced. Glad im seeing more options and lower prices now.