Horn sounding when locking/unlocking the car

Horn sounding when locking/unlocking the car

Hey good morning Everyone,

I have the order placed for my car and was wondering, is it possible to disable the horn from making noise when the car locks/unlocks?

Thanks in advance!


Hp.1193 | 16/07/2019

Settings -> locks -> untoggle lock confirmation sound

herrmdogg | 16/07/2019

Thank you so much HP! I don't care for that and have always turned it off on other cars, glad to see it's an option!

EVRider | 16/07/2019

I think it honks when locking, not unlocking.

leo33 | 16/07/2019

One short beep on lock, two short beeps on unlock from the app. (No beep on unlock when just walking up to it.)

httran26 | 16/07/2019

I usually don't like my car making sounds, but I find the lock confirmation helpful. It's an acknowledgement that everything is good as I walk away. When I don't hear the sound, I know something is wrong like a door not is not fully closed or I accidentally left my phone in the car. In these cases, the car does not auto lock. Someone can come along and open the door.

lbowroom | 16/07/2019

Or you can listen and look for the mirrors folding in. Honks drive me up the wall.

wayne | 16/07/2019

I find the honk on lock very inoffensive.