Supercharger - Lubbock, TX

Supercharger - Lubbock, TX

Is there any update or information on the installation of a supercharger in Lubbock, Texas.

It was first scheduled for 2017, then 2018, and then rescheduled for 2019 (which is now half over). | 16/07/2019

Sorry to say, Tesla's maps of future locations is often just a pin in an area and may have zero to do with an actual future SC location. It depends a lot on site availability, density of Teslas in the area, and other SCs in the area. So it may never appear, or it could show up in short order, or another location chosen that meets Tesla primary objectives.

Blue Ghost | 14/10/2019

Any new developments on a Supercharger in Lubbock? The Henrietta (Wichita Falls) SC makes it easy for me to get to Lubbock for Tech games but I still have to get back. It seems that good destination chargers are rare. A supercharger would help those in the southern part of the state get to Colorado and beyond.

xlpro777 | 04/01/2020

Now it shows 2020 on the map! Tesla please get this installed in 2020! It been on the map for years! I have many Teslas charge at my house, but a supercharger is really needed! Thanks!!

dougwarren | 16/01/2020

PLEASE install a Supercharger in Lubbock SOON !! I make the drive from Amarillo to Lubbock frequently but it is a huge pain with no Supercharger! I have to rely on the slow destination charger at Best Buy or the Overton Hotel just to get home! PLEASE!!

ricperales | 06/02/2020

I also look forward to a SC in Lubbock, TX. I’d even volunteer to help out file for permits or whatever! What’s wrong with the Buddy Holly Center (museum)? Good location for a charger. Just off the highway with many restaurants at walking distance. In the meantime, I’ve learned to make AMA to LBB roundtrip by going about 65 mph with no need to charge.