What is the method/process to submit an app feature request?

What is the method/process to submit an app feature request?

As subject states.

Or if Tesla monitors this forum I would simply like to submit:

1) Add an option of selecting a vehicle reboot after a software upgrade initiated via app or console has completed installation. I have had many strange phenomena occur after an upgrade that rebooting is second nature, but...

2) Add an option to the app of selecting a powering-up cycle. Too often I get into a garage kept S displaying the vehicle powering up message. That 2 minutes seems like an eternity when your running late.


ATCRomes | 29/07/2019

Twitter. Then wait.

For #1: Sounds like a good idea.

For #2: I've only experienced this about 3 times in 5+ years. Try turning the climate on before you walk out to the car. Should "wake it up."

EVRider | 29/07/2019

Which firmware version do you have? I used to have the slow power up problem, but it went away with one of the recent updates. I’m on 24.4 now, but it was fixed before then.

akikiki | 29/07/2019

You can post on a request for a feature addition or change. Then its where people can vote on it to support the request. Many of those previous submission have been implemented. | 29/07/2019

On #1 - I'm about 90% sure it does reboot on update already. What causes some problems is having a bootable USB drive attached, which tends to screw up the boot process.

The second thing that can happen is if you're in a GPS dead zone when the update occurs. After the update, it attempts to reacquire the GPS to know where it is, but without GPS it defaults to Tesla headquarters (at least for North American vehicles). Once the car is driven out of the dead zone (such as a cement parking garage) the signal is required within a minute or so.

#2 sounds more like a bug that needs to be fixed. Seems MCU2 has this issue on occasion where MCU1 is quite rare. If you want to power up the car remotely via the app, just turn on climate. Should do the job without needing a special button or function in the app.