$35K standard SR question

$35K standard SR question

So does anyone know if it costs just $6K to buy FSD if you bought the base model SR model? If so, isn't it better to have purchased the $35K instead of the SR+ for $40K (like I did)? It will cost me $6K to upgrade to FSD so I'm thinking that I should've just bought the $35K version. This is considering I've never charged more than 90% battery anyway and my stereo sucks.


EVRider | 29/07/2019

The base model SR doesn’t include AP, so you have to buy that before you can add FSD. I think Tesla was charging $3,000 for basic AP before they made it standard. The $6,000 for FSD is on top of whatever you pay for AP.

MoonDog | 29/07/2019

I think @EVRider 's numbers are correct. I bought SR+ without AP before it became standard and current upgrade price is $3k for AP and $6k for FSD.

Holding fingers crossed for AP to drop to $2k at some point, which is the limit I'm willing to pay for it :)

SamO | 29/07/2019

I have a SR 3 and EV rider is correct.

$35,000 for base.
$3,000 for AP
$6,000 for FSD


Only $2,000 for FSD for those who purchased Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) which was $5,000. Unless something changes. Which I doubt as V10 is coming end of August/September (Elon time) which will push more FSD features and likely price increase.

Joshan | 29/07/2019

@moondog you may want to think about resale value also in that decision. Your Tesla will likely be worth FAR LESS in the future without AP/FSD when you go to resell. They will likely also cost far more at that time.

I get it is a gamble, but there is more to the decision than just today.

SamO | 29/07/2019

And it will make you more in the Tesla Network

M3BlueGeorgia | 29/07/2019

Base model SR doesn't include AP, so get that first: US$3K

If Tesla ever offer an option to upgrade AP to EAP, take that.

In the future, perhaps jump to FSD.

Does Tesla offer the deal for SR owners (without AP) to upgrade to SR+ (with AP), because that would be an interesting option?

navneethreddy | 30/07/2019

Today I called Tesla to find out how much does Auto pilot cost on SR and the service guy has mentioned the its Costs $4700 with Tax and Labor charges. That is not what the sales guys mentioned when buying the car.

M3BlueGeorgia | 30/07/2019

That statement makes zero sense. The SR has all the hardware for AP. You can simply order it online. It'll be a software update.

EVRider | 30/07/2019

$4700 is definitely wrong. The Service Center probably misunderstood what you were asking.

therougeuxs | 30/07/2019

I purchased the SR that was downgraded from a SR+ the night before I picked it up. I wanted to buy AP and it took a couple of weeks before I finally got the answer.

To get AP, apparently you have to upgrade to the SR+, which is $4500 plus tax.

I pulled the trigger because not only did I get AP, but I got the extra range, fog lights and whatever else.

vincelorto | 30/07/2019

Ahhh. Thanks for a factual answer from an SR owner.

adam09si | 30/07/2019

When I inquired about this in May of this year, the SR option was $35,400 and the SR+ was $39,900. $3,000 for AP on SR so $38,400 so $1,500 less if you got SR with AP. You'd have a slightly shorter range and no fog lights.

SR+ is now $38,900... so if SR is still the same price then $38,400, see what I'm saying? $500 for fog lights is cheaper than most dealership offers haha.

To answer directly, SR costs $3000 for AP and $6000 for FSD at the moment, so no you don't save anything other than $500 if you go for SR.

Lonestar10_1999 | 30/07/2019

So if you upgrade to AP for $3k, but decline to upgrade to FSD, do you get the Navigate on AP?

navneethreddy | 31/07/2019

I was expecting the same where I can buy the AP software online from my Tesla account but there is no option on my Tesla account for buying AP it only show FSD for $6000.

M3BlueGeorgia | 31/07/2019

That means that Tesla appear to think you have AP. Do you have TACC and AutoSteer?

NoA is part of EAP and FSD but not part of AP

navneethreddy | 31/07/2019

I don't have TACC and AutoSteer. I think what you mentioned might be true, It's thinking that I have AP on my car but not sure why?

Techy James | 31/07/2019

@navneethreddy I can see the Tax, but since AP is a Software only option, there would be no labor charges. Given that 1700 for sales tax sounds steep.

@Lonestar10_1999 Sorry but AP only includes Lane Keep and Traffic Aware Cruise Control. NOAP is part of FSD.

therougeuxs | 03/08/2019

Before I upgraded, all I could "purchase" was FSD for $6000. But talking to Tesla guy, if I had purchased it, it wouldn't have worked because I would need AP.

The ONLY way (as of right now) to get AP after purchasing the SR is to upgrade to the SR+.

(that is...if your car was software downgraded to the SR. I do know a guy who purchased the SR and his car was never downgraded from SR+ to SR, so he was able to purchase AP without upgrading)