Dash/Sentry Cam issue

Dash/Sentry Cam issue

Running 2019.24.4. A few days ago my sd card was full and I got the alert on the screen. I emptied the card, yet I still get the full card alert and no dash cam or sentry. I even tried deleting the recents and saved folders to no avail. I sent a bug report yaesterday. I hope they come up with a fix soon.
Has anyone else had this issue?

rob | 14/08/2019

reformat it. If you just deleted the old files and didn't empty the trashcan then they are still there... sort of.

EVRider | 14/08/2019

@rob is correct. If you reformat, don't forget to recreate the TeslaCam folder.

If you're using a Mac, you can also delete permanently by selecting files/folders and using Option + Command + Delete, or pressing Option while accessing the File menu and selecting Delete Immediately... | 14/08/2019

@CRAIG - Not a bug - working as designed, although could be better designed :)

If you're using a tiny flash drive, which is anything under 128 GB, you might consider a larger drive. They are so cheap now. Here are my recommendations: The larger the drive, the less frequent you'll need to erase files.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 15/08/2019

128GB endurance SD card. I’ll try it next week. Visiting my son in Oregon this week.
An off topic question: how do I turn off the cabin overheat protection and can I do it from the app? I won’t get back to it until Thursday and I don’t want to drive home with less than 20% SOC.

EVRider | 15/08/2019

@CRAIGJFIFTY3: In the car, use Controls > Safety & Security > Cabin Overheat Protection. I don’t see an option to control this from Tesla’s mobile app, but maybe some of the third-party apps have this. Cabin Overheat Protection will turn off if the car gets down to 20%.

Unless you car is somewhere hot or you didn’t leave it with a high SOC you should be okay. Sentry Mode will use more energy than climate control, so make sure you turn that off, which you can do from the Tesla app.