Tite loosing air

Tite loosing air

Spent 20 min waiting on hold for Driver assistance, but never got a response and gave up...
It looks like one of my tires is losing air slowly. Do I need to get Tesla's assistance / certified place or I can go to any NTB to check my tire?

Also, I had one tire go to 25psi, filled it in and in 5hours it was showing 38 psi, but when suddenly got back to 40psi (other tires were stable)... have anybody seen something like that, can it be the sensor? (and if yes, how do I fix that?)


Magic 8 Ball | 15/08/2019

When the air temperature in the tire heats up and cools down the pressure changes up or down depending. Any tire shop can help you tire issues, does not have to be Tesla.

CharleyBC | 15/08/2019

I agree. Any tire shop should be able to take care of you. Odds are you picked up a nail or screw. Good luck!

mrburke | 15/08/2019

Get a good Tire Pressure Gauge.

gmr6415 | 15/08/2019

Just make sure they know what an acoustical tire is and ask if they have experience working on them.

EVRider | 15/08/2019

At least you spelled “air” correctly. :-)