“Charging stopped” error

“Charging stopped” error

I charged my car at a supercharger and was worked fine but, 2 hours later, I plugged my car at a Chargepoint station at work then all of a sudden, I see a ”stopped charging” error on my screen. I tapped my credit card, ChargePoint card, debit card, and shows the same error. Charge port shows white light and my app says to connect charger. I tried 4 of these stations at work but they showed the same errors. Charging is free at work and have always worked fine. When I went home, I plugged my car using my 14-50 and it worked fine. What could be the problem?

cannislanda1 | 15/08/2019


Tyerc | 15/08/2019

Could be the Tesla adaptor to fit the Charge-point equipment, make sure it’s properly fitted. I had an “error” on my home charger from the adaptor, it wasn’t seated well although I thought it was fitted properly, Turned out if wasn’t quite tight enough, refitted it and it worked fine.