Best Service and Roadside Experience Ever

Best Service and Roadside Experience Ever

I’ve had great service from many manufacturers, but today was the best BY FAR, and it was from Tesla (obviously).

Blew out a tiring getting on 880 south right in front of the Fremont Service Center. Used the mobile app for roadside assistance for the first time and was told would be receiving a loaner wheel. Awesome concept!

Only issue is I was traveling from out of town and my wheel was going to be taken to Tesla in Fremont. Normally not a problem, but it’s the weekend and this happened at roughly 4:15PM with the tow truck not arriving till 5:15. At this time I thought it would be impossible to take my wheel to Fremont and get it fixed and return the loaner tire.

I called the roadside assistance and asked if I could just take my wheel to rocklin, and they definitively said NO. At this point I said FUQ. I’ll be here til Monday and will need to take time off and spend more on a hotel.

I decided to give the SC a call, and at that point “E”(abbreviated for anonymity worked tirelessly to give me options that worked for me. Including:
1) having techs stay late to accommodate
2) talking with the tow driver to allow me to take my wheel myself to rocklin and not have to stay till Monday for Fremont to do it.

I chose option one. The tech stayed over and hour later than they needed to and E. And the service manager were so happy to help.

I know not everyone has had the greatest past experiences (including me), but this is proof that Elon and Tesla employees are working HARD to make our experiences amazing!

M3phan | 17/08/2019

Good to hear!
I have personally found this kind of gracious attitude going beyond the call of duty from the fine folks at both the SCs in our area. I choose to think this is the case for many who don’t post good stories.

apodbdrs | 17/08/2019

I realize it is easier to post a complaint when things go wrong, even when they are minor because the emotions set in. But maybe it is time for people in this forum need to express a the times TESLA has been great for them.

Zztops, thank you for your post, great to read a positive statement, instead of another person bitching about something that is their own fault or normal.

carlk | 17/08/2019

Great story. Wife and I both have used roadside service that brought loaner tires. They came back the next day to the work place or home to put the tire back on. It's very convenience in normal situations. Like others said we need to say thank you more often than just complain when things do not go our way.

Jodi3734 | 17/08/2019



Madatgascar | 17/08/2019

I would love to post about my great service experiences, but all of those were back in 2013. Since then my family has had 5 more Teslas and none of them have ever required any service. Though I suppose no service = great service!

carlk | 17/08/2019


It's the same thing. Between the two Tesla's we owed for combined nine years we have visited the service center a total of two or three times other than for tires or routine maintenance. Much better than any of my past experiences with Japanese or German cars. Unfortunately this is not worthy of a post or a thread. We only see people posting with worst ever experiences and getting the impression that is the norm.

Magic 8 Ball | 17/08/2019

This is a dead thread I am going back to the argument thread where all the action is.