Cannot schedule mobile service appointment

Cannot schedule mobile service appointment


i dont see any option of scheduling Mobile service appointment. how can i do it whether from phone app or from website ?

EVRider | 18/08/2019

The option might not be available in your location. On the app, it's on the main screen near the bottom (you might have to scroll to see it). On the web, click Manage to get to your Model 3 page and there's a Schedule Service link under the image of the car (between View Details and Request Help).

Magic 8 Ball | 18/08/2019

There is no option to schedule (mobile). When I scheduled I entered “I prefer mobile service” in the description. They called me later to confirm mobile service.

EVRider | 18/08/2019

Sorry, I didn't notice the "mobile" in your original question. Magic 8 Ball is correct.

jonabramson | 18/08/2019

I scheduled a mobile service for this upcoming Tuesday throug the app. I believe after I chose the issue it showed I can request mobile service. I had to wait over a week for an appointment. But I've been waiting months for the part to stop my seat from moving when I accelerate. They fortunately just got in parts for it after I scheduled the appointment, they called me last week after I scheduled to confirm they finally have the parts in and will call me 30 minutes before they arrive to let me know exact time in the chosen 2 hour window.

dwejr99 | 18/08/2019

The app worked perfectly for me. After choosing issue you can select mobile or service center. At least for me it did.

terminator9 | 18/08/2019

On the normal service schedule screen, when I select the "type" in the dropdown, it sometime automatically gives the option of mobile service. I think it depends on where you live and kind of issues that can be solved with mobile service.

srikarv | 18/08/2019

Thanks everyone. i still dont see mobile service either from app or from website. i have scheduled service to my nearest service station, requesting for mobile service in the subject

EVRider | 19/08/2019

Although my first reply wasn’t answering your exact question, it’s still relevant: mobile service might not be available in your location.

Magic 8 Ball | 19/08/2019

Mobile service is readily available in my location but nothing on the app allowing my choose mobile.

RES IPSA | 19/08/2019

@Magic is right... just request it in the description. It would make sense for the web page or app to explain what to do to request a mobile appointment

Christophergarner2 | 26/08/2019

I have spent two hours calling and searching the website and the app and there is no way to schedule a service. Money troubles?

nmoni | 03/12/2019

When I click on the Schedule Service link on my app, I am shown a past appointment. But I do not see a way to schedule a new one. Help?

EVRider | 03/12/2019

@nmoni: There seems to be an issue with the Tesla servers as I write this (9:35pm ET). Try again tomorrow.