Lane Avoidance Assistance not working below highway speeds

Lane Avoidance Assistance not working below highway speeds

The M3 Lane Avoidance Assistance is not working at speeds below 40 mph( it used to work just fine). Testing has validated that the Lane Departure assistance does not work at speeds from 25 to 40 mph but does work at speeds greater than 55 mph. I have not had occasion to test between 40 and 55 mph. It does not warn me or correct the car when I have the car to drift into the adjacent lane without signaling. Customer support told me it is working as it's supposed to but that is inconsistent with the manual which states, on page 87, "Lane Departure Avoidance Lane Departure Avoidance provides steering interventions if Model 3 drifts into (or close to) an adjacent lane when driving between 25 and 90 mph (40 and 145 km/h) on major roadways with clearly visible lane markings". Perhaps it's a definition of "major roadways" but I am talking about a six lane local road that I am having the issue on, and it used to work just fine until a couple of software updates ago.

Unfortunately Tesla customer support is no longer answering my emails on this issue so i would like to inquire if others are experiencing this issue also?

Randall Evans

007bond | 22/08/2019

I think you are right I noticed the other day that it was not working at slower speeds since I was out with my son who is learning how to drive. He was over the line and I said don't you feel the vibration warning you and he said no. Then I felt the wheel and he was right. Then when I was driving I noticed it did not work anymore at off hwy speeds. I am 100% sure it use to work at even 25 MPH because it use to vibrate all the time in my neighborhood when I would go over the line to avoid trash cans now it does not.

FISHEV | 22/08/2019

Yes. Almost identical issue with Lane Keeping. Noticed it never worked from get get, Tesla asked for videos with time which I provided and they looked at car at those times and confirmed it was not working and sent a mobile tech who drove the car, confirmed Lane Keeping not working and then sends a service report that says its “working normally”. A few weeks later I get “Lane Avoidance Not Working Get Service”, I call Tesla, they look at car over the air confirm “faults” on AP and Lane Keeping and they schedule a service. I get the service, the service report says car is “working normally”,

It obviously isn’t working. Alarm one time over the line, no alarm next time. It is much weaker giving alarm on driver’s side which is the most important side in preventing head on collisions

Crazy part is Auto Steer will work when Lane Keeping does not so the external sensors see the lines so it must be a software problems with Lane Keeping

jebinc | 22/08/2019

Don’t get me going on LKA or @lbowroom will be l over me... ;-)

derotam | 23/08/2019

Latest update less than what, a month...Manual last updated in May. Maybe Tesla changed the specs on LDA.