I was pleasantly surprised to find that I can get Pandora on the M-3 by selecting "web". I'm a big Pandora user, but heretofore in the M3, I had to access it via my phone, and that makes for awkward phone screen input.
Now, I get Pandora on the M-3, log in OK, and select my desired music. The screen shows that the music is playing, but I cannot get it to play thru the car audio system. Shortly, a message comes on the screen: "We're having trouble playing audio on this device", and explaining that this problem may be due to overzealous ad blockers, etc.
What am I doing wrong?

syclone | 23/08/2019

I believe that the problem is that the Tesla browser purposely has omitted video and audio drivers to prevent driver distraction.

If you hook up Amazon Alexa Auto, it will pull Pandora in thru your smart phone, and you can select your music titles by voice command thru Alexa.

jackcolo | 23/08/2019

Any recommendation as to which Amazon Alexa Auto device to use?

bjrosen | 23/08/2019

You don't need to install Alexa on your phone, OK Google can control it and it will play though bluetooth. You can also use Android Auto.