Download bulk data (solar) from app

Download bulk data (solar) from app

Great to see app v3.9 provide download facility.
Is there a way to do a bulk daily download data for the period - all-time/yearly/monthly ?

gregbrew | 25/08/2019

It's looking like you'll need to do that yourself. IIRC, there's an API for the data. Don't quote me, my web interface knowledge is severely lacking. The "instructions" were over at the MySoarCity forum site...but it's all gone now.

Allan.Ferreira | 26/08/2019

Thanks @gregbrew
I think the utility of the download option (which in itself is a great feature) is severely diminished by not being able to select a date range and the mobile only availability limits the download location.

Hope if not already someone can raise a feature request against the app.

massenbg75 | 01/09/2019

One big difference I have noticed on the app (v3.9.1) is daily downloads. SC website would give you tabular solar generation data in 15-minute increments. App gives you five-minute increments for home useage, solar generation, powerwall draw/charge, and grid draw/export. I thought these were cumulative values, but no, they appear instead to be average rates of use/generation/export. I can download weekly (provides daily values) and monthly (provides daily values), but the value of how much the system uses/generates/exports every five minutes is glaringly missing. Brand new updates and I'm back to having less capability for monitoring my system. I do like that the daily/weekly/monthly data now includes home useage, powerwall, and grid in addition to solar array, but I do not understand why they treat the five-minute increment data so differently.