Nearly brand new 19" Five Spoke OEM Rims

Nearly brand new 19" Five Spoke OEM Rims


Less than 100 miles on these rims (no rim rash!). Replaced these rims with custom rims and want my garage space back. These can't be bought on Tesla website anymore.

Set of four rims includes lug nuts/covers and Tesla logo wheel caps!

Local pickup ONLY (Mountain View, CA area)

Contact me at:

lilbean | 24/08/2019

Why do you have so many rims? You have two threads in the X forum.

keith | 24/08/2019

I put custom rims on both my X and my S. The 22" are referral rims I received.

brian | 31/08/2019

If they have winter tires on them - people may be more inclined. I have two sets already. Maybe market them to a new buyer, given the time of year and say put the winter tires on them and they are set.

keith | 17/09/2019

Thank you for the advice, Brian! I don't have winter tires on them. We don't really need those in CA. If I do decide to ship them, I'll definitely market them with your suggestion! Thanks again!