Battery cooling

Battery cooling

Any reason the battery cooling fan should be roaring when charging at only 6 kW. (2015 70D). This is in a garage that is 90°F, and the car has not been driven for several hours (and then not hard). The fender above the front left wheel is about 120F

Anthony J. Parisio | 06/09/2019

That temp should trigger the cooling fan. | 06/09/2019

Any chance you have a door slightly ajar and the cabin HVAC is attempting to cool the car and the garage?

welockett | 06/09/2019

If the state of charge (SOC) 90% and higher, fans will run continuously when charging cable is connected. If SOC is 90% and higher and not connected with a charging cable, fans will run for 6 hours after being disconnected.

BarryQ | 06/09/2019

TT - no, car doors are closed.

Bighorn | 06/09/2019

I’ve noticed more aggressive cooling at higher SOCs. You didn’t mention the charge state.

BarryQ | 06/09/2019

About 40% - 90%. But the cooling fans started probably at about 60%.

jordanrichard | 06/09/2019

If it was 90 in your garage and the car had been sitting for sometime, then the battery pack is sitting at 90degs, with no airflow and then you induce more heat via charging. Hell, a cell phone heats up when charging and it is pulling absolutely nothing compared to what your car is pulling/drawing. I never worry about what noises or the fans running. I chalk it up to the car via the BMS, taking care of its self.

radio | 08/09/2019

@jordanrichard: It's not about usual *noises* from the fans, its about *roaring* fans as the OP stated. I can confirm this annoyingly loud "semi hurricane" which would wake up the neighborhood without any apparent reason. I am on a slightly older SW-Version and hope/expect to get rid of that with the current update.
(2017MS90DAustria50k on 2019.20.2.1)

jordanrichard | 08/09/2019

Radio, “roaring” is subjective. There have been numerous times over the years that it is hot out and when either my AC comes on or I am charging, that it sounded like I had an engine under my hood. The fans are spinning so fast that when placing one’s hand near the louvres you can feel the air rushing past your hand. The associated noise and a degree of vibration is normal.