Lane centering on Autopilot

Lane centering on Autopilot

I use Autopilot on curving county roads at speeds ranging 45mph to 65mph. The S appropriately slows a bit on sharper turns and stays pretty much centered in the lanes. I say "pretty much" because it does drift sometimes to the outside of the curve. That's a huge problem with oncoming traffic, especially with wide oncoming trucks. Usually, when I'm steering, I move a bit away from the center of the road, especially on curves, when traffic is oncoming.
I wonder if the software folks can add a centering bias feature allowing control of "away from center" on curves. Something similar to the current 1-to-7 setting of following distance.
Software version 2019.28.2

EVRider | 06/09/2019

There are numerous threads about this in the forum — use the search techniques in this article to find them:

I’ll give you a quick recap: there are plenty of people who would like some control of lane position, but there are others (including me) who think manual adjustments like this are not on the path to FSD.

djlew8 | 06/09/2019

Ah, thank you EVRider. I should have searched. One of my peeves, so my apologies.
Interesting position on manual adjustments. So maybe eliminate the 1-7 following distance setting?
Being a scifi kinda guy, I see advanced AI entities (Dave in 2001, A Space Odyssey, Data in Star Trek, William in Another Life, etc etc) fully interacting with and taking direction from humans. A "smart" device that actually interacts is so much superior to a "not-so-smart" device that is incapable of interacting with the human it serves. I would hate to see FSD being a not-so smart device.
Tesla has a lo-o-o-ng way to go to FSD, and I don't think it can be successful without two-way interaction.
Then again, how good is Elon at two-way interaction?

djlew8 | 06/09/2019

P.S. to the above....even my toaster allows adjustment of darkness.....

dougk71 | 07/09/2019

The often unfounded fear we have of automation is that it will get out of control and if there isn't a human kill switch we are doomed. Tesla as far as driving with an automation assist has several kill switches ( tap brake wiggle wheel etc.) Without these kill switches (overrides) few would feel completely safe.
The one thing Tesla doesn't have and most cars do is a button or key turn that turns the car off. This saved some lives if you had a gas pedal that would stick and accelerate a driver into an accident.
Now when parking in a home garage or for extended periods at an airport the Tesla owner has to have a fighter plane like check list to have a chance of getting the maximum parking time before ( at airports) too little range is left to reach the nearest charge point. Yes even a toaster can be unplugged and/or has an off switch.

EVRider | 07/09/2019

@djlew8: FSD won’t need the following distance setting, but unlike the lane position, there isn’t a “correct” following distance that applies in all cases. Lane position should be “correct” all the time, based on lane markers and adjacent vehicles. A driver’s perception of their position in a lane and distance from adjacent vehicles isn’t always accurate, and might feel incorrect when it actually isn’t. I’m not saying that the cars are currently in the correct position all the time, but Tesla needs to fix that rather than giving people adjustments.

Tldickerson | 07/09/2019

I wish when I turned on my AP1 2016P90D that the car wouldn't want to immediately want to go to the right. I have to watch when I turn it on because if there's a car next to me in the right lane it almost wants to hit them. I usually wait until the lane is curving to the right when I turn it on and then it moves but that's ok. After it centers itself out then it tracks rather straight. Anybody have any ideas to why this happens? It did this a long time ago and then stopped. Recently it's been doing it again.