Front body controller: what does it do? Mine was just replaced.

Front body controller: what does it do? Mine was just replaced.

jimglas | 07/09/2019

it controls the front body
(that was a set up line, right?)

BadgerX | 07/09/2019

That's what the Service Center told me they had to replace after they had my X for a week.

jimglas | 07/09/2019

mine was a snark
glad you are back on the road | 08/09/2019

I believe that is the Body Control Module (BCM) the main computer that actually controls the car. It is unrelated to the MCU (main display/computer) and the instrument cluster (display/computer). There are more than 50 processors in the car, but the BCM is the most important of them. Without it, the car is not drivable. It also handles a number of minor items too in the car, such as some lighting. So a failure in one area of the BCM might not affect driving at all.

There is a "Front Body Controller" (FBC) in the Model 3, which is as important but handles different functions too. I'm not aware of FBC in the S/X but suspect someone got the terminology wrong.

BadgerX | 08/09/2019

The Service Center rep told me it controlled most everything handled by the touch screen, but not drivability. I drove it two hours to the Schaumberg, IL service center from Madison, WI with the "Car Needs Service" warning on.

The warning appeared abruptly the day before, and the next morning the car could not be unlocked manually, with the fob, or with the app. I called Roadside Service, and somehow they were able to unlock it remotely. They advised me to drive it to the service center immediately, which I did. They had it for over a week, while Tesla engineering attempted to diagnose the problem remotely, and then told the service center to see if their latest diagnosis was correct. This went on for more than a week, although I received daily updates by text. In the meantime, I enjoyed the S P90DL they gave me as a loaner.

To save me a 4 hr round trip to Schaumberg to retrieve my car, the Servce Rep, who lives in Rockford, IL met me in Janesville, WI with my car, which was less than an hours drive each way for me. I was pleased with the overall service, for which I was not charged. I've had my X for three yrs & I'm still in wonderment about what life with an X is like. I've said this before, but this is NOT your father's car company! | 08/09/2019

@BadgerX - Thanks for the additional details. Ok, I was assuming the X is the same as the older S - a bad assumption. Digging a bit further, there is a Front Body Controller (FBC powered through fuse F145) a Central Body Controller and Rear Body Controller. The FBC in the X controls all the lights in the front of the firewall - such as headlights, parking lights, side repeaters, and fog lights. If the FBC was dead, you would not be able to turn on any of these lights. It's possible it partly failed, such as the inability to turn on one specific light, such as left headlight.

Sorry I was way off on my prior post!

BadgerX | 08/09/2019

@teslaTap - Thanks very much for the additional info. Initially, they said it was a specific connector to the FBC, then a few days later, after more testing, they said it was the FBC itself.

I'm eager to learn how my car works, but I continue to be mystified by it. I understood my 2006 Z51 Corvette much better!

All of this would have been less disturbing if Tesla was allowed to have Service Centers in Wisconsin (likely Milwaukee & Madison). However, so far the Wisconsin State Assembly will not allow it.