P85 with 90 battery ?

P85 with 90 battery ?

Picked up a 2013 model s P85 dash and owners info screen state 90 , never seen or heard of that before. Perhaps a battery change along the way ?

Silver2K | 07/09/2019

I would guess they replaced the pack at one point with a 90 because they didn't have an 85 in stock.

I would ask the service center or delivery specialist for a better explanation

Silver2K | 07/09/2019

Oops.. you said that!

Just woke up :)

Yeah! what you said!

Bighorn | 07/09/2019


Qwiksilver | 07/09/2019

Yes, that’s correct. I know someone with an 85S, who had their battery replaced with a 90. The car was then re-badged a “90”.

Wnorris904 | 07/09/2019

So now I have a P90 whoo hoo lol

Anthony J. Parisio | 08/09/2019

Congrats! I hope you have a wonderful time with the car.