Hitler Reacts to the Porsche Taycan

Hitler Reacts to the Porsche Taycan

Atom12 | 08/09/2019

Ha ha!

billlake2000 | 08/09/2019

Hit-ler-ious! Ha

carlk | 08/09/2019

I thought Dr.-Eng. Ferdinand Porsche was his buddy.

David N | 08/09/2019


rxlawdude | 08/09/2019


cascadiadesign | 08/09/2019

Ooh, that's a bingo!

jimglas | 09/09/2019

You win!

syclone | 09/09/2019

Very Trumpian!

jimglas | 09/09/2019

not trumpian
he spoke in complete sentences
And didn't mention himself every third word

bddaughe | 09/09/2019

Why go that direction with the thread, guys (syclone and jimglas)

jordanrichard | 09/09/2019

Man, this clip gets used for many different spoofs. I loved the part about those who own a Tesla were asked to leave, then they circle back to that by "having" Hitler tell his people to get a referral code from someone in the hallway.

Very, very creative.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 09/09/2019

And a mention to Tesla Kim. Nice. Nice.

cascadiadesign | 09/09/2019

... at least he doesn't know about frunk puppy. LOL

jimglas | 09/09/2019

is frunk puppy like trunk monkey?

Magic 8 Ball | 10/09/2019

Hitler looks upset again.

dsvick | 10/09/2019

Nicely done!!

Joshan | 10/09/2019

FISHEV | September 10, 2019
. Model 3 would be more competitive with Hyundai Kona/Kia Niro in price and performance.

This may take the cake as the dumbest thing you have ever posted here.

Joshan | 10/09/2019

I was talking about the performance part, not the price.... but you knew that. On price you are correct. On performance you are not. Not even CLOSE.

jimglas | 10/09/2019

Remember: Fish is always wrong

St☰v☰ | 10/09/2019

@cascadiadesign - Too funny!!!

@FISHEV - I remember cruising Whittier blvd in the late 60's.

Magic 8 Ball | 10/09/2019

Arguing in a Hitler thread, LoL.

jimglas | 10/09/2019

fish could argue about the weather
And doesnt even need a sharpie
(And he is always wrong)

jordanrichard | 10/09/2019

FISHEV, you still don't seem to get it. We are not knocking the Taycan, we are poking fun at all the hyperbole that Porsche made about this car going back to when they called it the Mission E. If you will kindly notice, no one is really poking fun of the car itself, but the specs in contrast to what Porsche had been claiming from day one. I don't think there is one claim that Porsche made about the car that come true other than it would be pure electric and oh, that it will have 4 doors..

spuzzz123 | 10/09/2019

I like how fish uses the awd to compare to the kona in price, but then takes the RWD to compare performance. The RWD still stomps the kona but he knows how absurd it would have been to post the awd numbers next to the kona.

FISHEV | 10/09/2019

"you still don't seem to get it."@jordanrichard,

I think everyone "gets it", a German car mfg. in 2019 gets tagged with Hitler associations from 1945. It's common. A bit demeaning to those who suffered and died in WWII and a cheap shot against Germans in the 21st century.

As you note, the anti-EV aspect was just a small adder.

Magic 8 Ball | 10/09/2019

My great grandparents were hauled away in cattle cars and murdered in a Nazi concentration camp. My parents were teenagers in Nazi occupied Amsterdam and lived through true horror. Anything that makes fun of Nazis is gold in our family. Hogan's Heros was a favorite show of ours.

FISHEV | 10/09/2019

"Anything that makes fun of Nazis is gold in our family."@M8B

Most of those who actually lived through it don't find anything "fun" about it including poor attempts at humor such as this thread or problematic attempts to co-opt with anonymous personal claims like yours.

This thread is associating current German's with Hitler to attack another car mfgs EV.

It also lacks the "fun" factor.

Magic 8 Ball | 10/09/2019

Most of our family, and friends, who lived through the Holocaust understand the best way to keep the memory alive, and the absurdity of what happened, is to poke fun at the tragedy. People do not like being laughed at anf laughing at Nazis is a good thing.

The humor in the Hitler parodies never gets old I can't get enough of them.

lbowroom | 10/09/2019

FISHEV is a marketing hype machine that cranks out "points of view" that fit their sponsors agenda, nothing more.

SamO | 10/09/2019

But these particular Germans can’t stop gassing people, so not that funny.

rxlawdude | 10/09/2019

I got smoked by a Ford Fusion Sport at an onramp. Of course, that involved the moron cutting me off (and I had <50% battery).

I take solace that his drive will yield him about 15mpg. :0)

FISHEV | 10/09/2019

"But these particular Germans can’t stop gassing people,"@SamO

These particular Germans are building an EV and that is what the you and the poster are "gassing".

Magic 8 Ball | 10/09/2019

It really is shameful and hurtful that people still support the likes of VW.

82bert | 10/09/2019

@raqbal. Still want to defend fish? Mods don’t even care now, which he obviously realized and has gone full bore troll. Yet, just a short while ago, you acted like he was a bonafide, upstanding Tesla owner. Riiight...

lbowroom | 10/09/2019

FISHEV's contract must have been renewed

82bert | 10/09/2019

Or he’s pushing hard for a new one. Sort of like a contract year for an athlete. Ha.

SamO | 10/09/2019

You can’t make people love these murderers. Their cars are a joke. They barely compete with Nissan Leaf. They are delayed. They lie about specs, availability and features.

VW will end in bankruptcy soon.

FISHEV | 10/09/2019

"Feb 25, 2019 - In a release of preliminary full-year financial results ahead of its annual investor conference, VW said that its operating profit rose 0.7% from a year ago, to 13.92 billion euros ($15.8 billion). Revenue grew 2.7% to 235.84 billion euros ($267.9 billion)."

Ford is the one to watch as they were just put on junk bond status.

But this discussion is about the Taycan EV from Porsche, getting killer reviews and 30,000 deposits for a car selling for $150k, $4.5B in orders and increasing Porsche sales by 10% in what is a declining car sales market.

As for the misguided Hitler comment to attack another mfg.s EV, probably best to delete the thread.

JustSaying | 10/09/2019
"Will the German car industry survive?"

jlhm | 10/09/2019

Fishev, do you work for Porsche or any other German car company?

FISHEV | 10/09/2019

What's next, "Will Tesla survive" YouTube videos? Quite a few of them out there.

But nothing to do with the bad form on this "Hitler" post.

FISHEV | 10/09/2019

"Fishev, do you work for Porsche or any other German car company?"@jlhm

Only indirectly in that my day to day efforts to contribute to corporate profits result in a fair amount of Porsche purchases, a 911 Carrera 4GTS, a Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid and Macan Turbo.

Of course it also contributes to a Model X, a Model 3 Stealth Performance and two Model 3 LR AWD's.

I think Porsche wins the dollar contribution but that's going TO Porsche.

Magic 8 Ball | 10/09/2019
raiza803 | 10/09/2019

Arguing over a funny video?? .... ...... ...... ??

steveishere | 10/09/2019

Lol thanks for the good laugh.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 11/09/2019

"Porsche Taycan is a big, expensive, luxury EV, Model 3 is a mid-sized, regular sedan."

To some, the idea of purchasing any new car would be a 'luxury'. Tesla sells Premium Performance Economy cars. They aren't cheap, they are fun to drive, and they don't burn no gas. But yes, the Tesla Model 3 is a Midsize car.

The Porsche Tycan is... not so big. It will be EPA classified as a Compact car. Just like the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class. And the BMW 3-Series. And the AUDI A4. And the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.
Passenger Car size classifications are determined by a combined total of useful volume for interior passengers and cargo. NOT determined by length, height, weight, track, or wheelbase. Vehicles was with as total interior volume between 100 cubic feet and 110 cubic inch feet are Compact cars. Vehicles sized between 110 cubic feet and 120 cubic feet are Midsize. Those that exceed 120 cubic feet in interior volume are Large cars.

jordanrichard | 11/09/2019

FISHEV, I agree, that the modern day iteration of the German car companies or any German company, to Hitler is stupid. Many years ago when visiting family in VA, I was in my Mercedes and saw a nice looking 1960s Mustang. I smiled and nodded to the driver showing my appreciation for his car. His response was and I quote"....I don't see how you can be proud to drive a Hitler car". I should have reminded him about Henry Ford's apparent view of Jews.

VW gets associated with Hitler simply because it was his idea to create a car that the common German could afford. You have to remember how expensive cars were at the time. Yes, in hindsight Hitler had atelier motives, to coming across as a good guy to the German people.

My point is, unless our glass house that we live in here in the U.S. is impervious to breakage, which it is not, we shouldn't be throwing stones at German car companies just because of their history before WWII.

How many people literally died as a direct result of GM's ignition issue, or Ford's exploding Pintos?

dsvick | 11/09/2019

@FISHEV - "But nothing to do with the bad form on this "Hitler" post."

You need to get over it and stop trying to add hidden meaning or a racist agenda to what is simply a funny video. Maybe you're new to the internet but there are quite a few of them out there, the fishing one posted above,a world cup one, a really funny Chuck Norris one, and more.

SamO | 11/09/2019

VW is a German company that get in trouble for “gassing” and killing people but we should be nice to them and not point out their connections to the Nazis.

Got it.

Magic 8 Ball | 11/09/2019

Despite my family history with Nazis we did drive VW's before VW was busted for cheating. We do not hold animosity against Germans because of our history but will hold contemporary cheaters accountable. VW got off light, so far, and hopefully more action will be taken against them.

As has been pointed out the Hitler parodies have been going on a long time and Porsche is not singled out using a Hitler parody. Ridicule and insult (something I got in "trouble" for) is a powerful tool to point out absurdities and keep them in people's memories.