Regenerative Braking

Regenerative Braking

It was initially a pain to get used to it, but now that I have gotten used to it, are there are quantifiable data I can look at from my using the Regenerative Braking Option?

I mean is there a way for me to look at how many kWh / miles I saved?

ScooterJim | 10/09/2019

None that I aware of. Just think about not having to replace brake pads as much as an ICE vehicle. The only data I know is when coming down a mountain and see the miles left after reaching the bottom compared to the number of miles you started with at the top, but that is not all brake use. You can look at the energy consumption or the trip data to see the amount of kWh, but this is over longer stretch of travel.

jimglas | 10/09/2019

I have added miles to my range going downhill

losangelesram | 10/09/2019

Thank you ScooterJim and jimglas.

I guess there really in no quantifiable data that is put out by the system. I would imagine this could easily be software generated, but of fairly low importance for the system.

Less wearing out of the brake pads is a definite plus.

I would have to take two actual trips in similar conditions, between points A and B, one with and one without regenerative braking to quantify it!

jimglas | 10/09/2019

and the conditions would have to be identical

David Trushin | 10/09/2019

I use a simple method to feel good about fuel efficiency. I note the rated miles when I stop charging. Then as I travel I add the driven miles to the rated miles. If the total is larger than the rated I noted I regen is adding miles. I live in Falkland so I almost never see the rated miles increase. (Also, it's a better indication of remaining range since it is based on rates of change rather than absolute value.)

David Trushin | 10/09/2019

I don't really live in Falkland that's just where autocorrect wants to put me. I meant flatland aka illinois.

Uncle Paul | 10/09/2019

You can get an idea of how much regeneration is being produced by observing your energy display. Will show green when you are in regeneration. The gauge will show you the amount of current you are putting back into your battery at a glance.

Don't know of a specific way to see precisely how much or what percentage of your regeneration is being returned to the battery.

jimglas | 11/09/2019

I was wondering how many teslas there were on the falklands

Triggerplz | 11/09/2019

What the Falklands y’all talking about