New Owner, Charging Question

New Owner, Charging Question

Hi, All- New Model 3 owner here (dual motor long range). I've read that for every day driving I should only charge to ~80% but for a long drive I can fill it up. I haven't charged yet, I've had the car less than a week and live near several super charging stations. If I visit my daughter, who lives 50 miles from me so 100 miles roundtrip, should I top off or just go to 80%. Thanks for putting up with my newbie question

kevin_rf | 09/09/2019

80% is fine, my daily commute is 95+ miles, in the summer I only charge to 70%. It does fine.

colchamiro | 09/09/2019

Thank you, Kevin

colchamiro | 09/09/2019

PS- Can I tag people on these forums with an @?

kevin_rf | 09/09/2019

My rule of thumb is try to keep it above 80 miles range before finding a charger (I get worried when I get below 30 miles, the old hands will call me a whimp for that) and it will roughly match the range in the summer and you will lose three miles of range for every two driven in the winter.

Again rules of thumb, actual mileage will vary, especially if you have a lead foot like my dear old Grandma did.

colchamiro | 09/09/2019

Ok, I only see a %, not a "miles to go" and I'm a grandpa so I also have a heavy foot! :) Thanks for your advice...

Smalm | 09/09/2019

@colchamiro, many will recommend leaving it at % but you can change it to miles by changing from Energy to Miles under the display menu.

colchamiro | 09/09/2019

Thank you, @Smalm!

Xerogas | 09/09/2019

@colchamiro: "PS- Can I tag people on these forums with an @?"
Not officially (the forum software does nothing with it), but plenty of people do anyway

colchamiro | 09/09/2019

Thanks (@)Xerogas :)

Bighorn | 09/09/2019

People only @ to direct the content of their reply. Not functional in notifying anybody.

As to the main question, you’ll eventually appreciate that it doesn’t much matter. 100% is good when a supercharger is not otherwise within reach.

colchamiro | 09/09/2019

Thanks, Bighorn. Why is there a difference in how much I charge whether at a supercharger or not? Is this like premium gas?

Bighorn | 09/09/2019

I was only saying that there’s not a lot of reason to charge to 100% unless it were needed to get you back home on a round trip without intervening chargers or if that were necessary to get you to your first charging option on an out leg. All charging provides similar energy. It’s the rate of filling that varies.

gballant4570 | 09/09/2019

I just charge as recommended - a plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla. Daily to 90%, 100% when a high mileage day is anticipated. I mainly charge at home (level 2) and in 11 months have used a Supercharger mainly on road trips. Keep it simple and don't overthink it.

kevin_rf | 10/09/2019

Btw. You will find it faster to go from 10% to 50/60% than to get to that last last 10% going from 90% - 100%. From a time standpoint, it's almost never worth it too wait for any level above 80%. Charging at a SC slows down significantly above 95%. I always approach SC's with what do I need for the trip, not let's fill the battery.

Don't over think it, enjoy the car.

TrexTesla | 10/09/2019

To add to kevin_rf, that's even more important when you are in a state that charges by time vice kwh added. So, even if you have the time to kill and wait for the charge, if you're being charged by the minute, you wind up paying more per kwh in the end if you try to get to 100%. For long trips, I'll charge to 100% at home overnight, and then I try to keep my Supercharges between 10-80% as previously mentioned, or just what I need to get home (+ a few extra miles or so) since home charging is cheaper.

Bighorn | 10/09/2019

That is a new aspect to fee-based supercharging. Topping up at home becomes an economic consideration since iit’s usually cheaper energy.

jimglas | 10/09/2019

Elon has said 90% is fine

majassow | 10/09/2019

I only charge with premium, non-GMO, gluten-free electrons.

jimglas | 10/09/2019

free range electrons?

CharleyBC | 10/09/2019

We charge Wattney with nothing but vegan electrons. No cholesterol. She’ll last forever.

Switchmon | 10/09/2019

90% should be the standard limit for around town driving. 100% is perfectly fine for long trips.

Techy James | 10/09/2019

@kevin_rf not a wimp, but instead someone that want to protect their investment. Lithium batteries like about 20% and less than 80%. Also below 15% then you will see more noticeable performance reduction.