Yes another 80% or 90% thread :)

Yes another 80% or 90% thread :)

Who charges to 80%

Who charges to 90%

Curious to see. I started charging to 90% daily simply to help with my spirited driving.

Bighorn | 09/09/2019

What about 70, 62 or 50?

lilbean | 09/09/2019

Or 60

Xerogas | 09/09/2019

@CS96: I’m 90, only because Elon said it wasn’t too bad, and I never want my wife to think the car is limited

jamilworm | 10/09/2019

I do 80

gparrot | 10/09/2019

And I do both, according to my projected requirement for the following day... There have also been a few days when I wouldn’t recharge at all.

Bighorn | 10/09/2019

60 would be straight up crazy;)

AWDTesla | 10/09/2019

90% but charge every 2nd day in summer and everyday in winter. That during the week.

We drain the battery almost every weekend visiting places with no chargers (or only 120v homeplug available).

jimglas | 10/09/2019


Devilstower | 10/09/2019

Have always gone with 90%. That was where the car came from the service center, what the delivery guy advised, and what Elon has since tweeted. So ... seems like it should be okay.

stevehendler | 10/09/2019

Used to do 90, now set to 80 but really only do 70 or so. Its like a rubber band, why stretch more than needed?

But yeah 420 same as Elon

vincelorto | 10/09/2019

90 for 6000 miles but 100 once

Magic 8 Ball | 10/09/2019


derotam | 10/09/2019

And make sure you don't go below 31.41%

cosmicwarrior | 10/09/2019

I always try to keep the car charged to 90%. It's been over 100 degrees here in Texas and along with my fast and furious style driving, I never want to be limited with range. I have the Standard Range Plus so I need that 90%. Wish I has pulled the trigger on the Mid Range when I had then chance :( but I'm still more than happy with my SRP.

casun | 10/09/2019


jlhm | 10/09/2019

The average for our two cars is 85%

jonabramson | 10/09/2019

Got about 6k miles on mine. Charge mostly to 90% every night although 3x I went to 100% for long trips. Used a supercharger 2x. Still at 279 for 90% on AWD LR.

ahostmadsen | 10/09/2019

Is it better for the battery to only charge to 80% than 90%

jimglas | 10/09/2019

Elon says 90%

Bighorn | 10/09/2019

Better for the battery? Their top people, namely Jeff Dahn and JB Straubel have said between 50 and 70 is the sweet spot for longevity. Elon has concurred when he was called out for the 90 figure.

PhillyGal | 10/09/2019

90 - but only every 2 or 3 days so the car lives between 50-90% most of the time.

Do this for the nearly 5 year old S and 18 month old 3.

Phantom_Menace | 10/09/2019

I started at 80% but changed to 90% based on what Elon said. I use roughly 10% daily during my work commute and weekends and my SR+ is plugged in in daily. I love being to have some fun driving, use AC, heaters, audio and Sentry unsparingly.

jimglas | 10/09/2019

@Bighorn: Do you have a link on the 50-70%?
Hadnt heard that but if so, a huge change from EM's tweet.

digichemie | 10/09/2019

We can do whatever we want, If the battery life goes under 70% in 8 years or 100k, Tesla will replace it with a new one with free.

Kikujiro | 10/09/2019

I drive about 30 miles a day and charge to 60%. The car is only driven about 30 min in 24 hr period. Battery stays idle for 23.5 hrs and best to keep the charge around 50% when not in use. Recommended storage charge for lithium ion batteries is 40-50%.

CharleyBC | 10/09/2019

@Bighorn: can you point us to a source for the 50-70% info? I confess I vacillate on my charge level based on the latest “wisdom” I read on the fora. I’d value a real expert’s take.

Actually, you’re pretty darn expert yourself, based on crazy high mileage experience: what’s your personal charging pattern?

Switchmon | 10/09/2019

90% is what I was told and set at the dealership.

kevin_rf | 10/09/2019

69 because it's the electrons of love

kevin_rf | 10/09/2019

.... That and the slider sucks.

ronocoug | 10/09/2019

80% and only charge once a week on average with our short commute.

Bighorn | 10/09/2019

To drill down a bit, JB lectured about it and said 50-62%. Jeff D said 70%. I’ll see if I can find links that I can append.
The 30% guarantee is all well and good, but when my Model S was down 11.5% at 197k miles (when it got replaced for bigger issues), the range drop from 265 to 235 made a significant impact on long distance travel because I was forced to charge to higher SOCs where the charging rate slows dramatically. So, I wouldn’t take that process lightly again and I’ve been kinder to my replacement battery. I’ll still charge to 90 in the winter and 80something in the warner months, but I avoid arriving at SCs with single digit SOCs and I only take what I need to get to the next charger. I also avoid flooring it when the battery is hot/full or at lower SOCs.

Bighorn | 10/09/2019

Here’s a good twitter thread. Read up above the linked tweet for context and see the TMC link.

Techy James | 10/09/2019

@digichemie while yes there is a warrantee that said 8 years or 100K/120K depending if you get SR+ or LR variants. It never actually said you would get a new battery for free. It clearly states they would cover repair/replacement to bring the car to 70% or better.
Me personally, depending on plan for next day I may either skip charging or vary charging to fall between 70% to 90% depending on expected use next day.
For long trips I may push it to 95%. The long trip is about 3 times a year and has benefit of still allowing full regenerative breaking to slow the car. I never go past the 95% because I think it's a waste because I wouldn't get any regen till I got down to the 95% battery. And will 16 miles without any regen make any real difference, if your pushing it that close, then maybe you should consider a quick top off on the route.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 10/09/2019

I go to 90% every time with no loss of regen. I only have the M3 for 3 months, no range issues yet. I lose more range to sentry and cabin overheat protection than anything else. Except for driving, of course.

vmulla | 10/09/2019

90, always plugged in if the car is home.

gballant4570 | 10/09/2019

I am not replying to another 80% or 90% thread.

jeremynordland | 10/09/2019

I'm with @vmulla on this - 90% and always plugged in when possible. This uses your electrical panel to maintain the battery health.