Phone key

Phone key

Most of the times , my phone key recognised by my Model3 when I try to open using front passenger handle.
Other handles do not recognise and open. I got to use my card to open. Any solution please. Thank you.

Janice.ribeiro | 12/09/2019

On the top of the Tesla app there is a lock icon. Press that and you can unlock your doors with that as well. If my door doesn’t open, I usually can open the passenger side and walk back to the drivers side and it will open and vise versa.

gmr6415 | 12/09/2019

That's not normal operation. I can have my phone in my pocket and open any door regardless. I don't think the doors individually recognize the blue tooth signal. It should be the car recognizing the blue tooth signal and allowing you to open any door.

I know I've had times where I had passengers who opened a door before I opened mine and they will all open if I'm within blue tooth range.

ravi | 13/09/2019

I bought model3 just 3 weeks back. I am able to open any door keeping my phone in my pocket. Something happened recently that I can only open the front passenger door. I could not open any others.
Today I tried to take my phone out and keeping near to handle at the driver side. It does not work. When I take my phone just near(not too near) driver side window then it recognizes. Somehow The field seems directional. Strong near window. It should not change within 3 weeks. Strange.

gballant4570 | 13/09/2019

Since I will place my phone on the car charger once inside, I usually approach the car with my phone in my hand. Perhaps that is one difference in my experience compared to the OP's....

Over nearly one year of ownership I've had the phone as key not work on one occasion (had to pull out card), and I've had it perform a bit slow on maybe two occasions (had to open driver door first instead of other door/trunk). Its an older phone, a Samsung Galaxy 7 - if that even matters, I don't know.

My experience has been phone as key is highly reliable.