Smelly A/C Fix for Tesla Model 3

Smelly A/C Fix for Tesla Model 3

Made a video on how resolve the Smelly A/C issue for the Tesla Model 3. So far it’s holding up, but I’ll give you guys an update in a weeks if it’s a prolong fix or a much more bigger issue.

Starboy2016 | 13/09/2019

Here is the amazon link the to A/C cleaner Tesla gave me. You may not have to change your air filters to resolve this issue. So far the issue hasn’t come back.

Lubegard 96030 Kool-It Evaporator and Heater Foam Cleaner

derotam | 13/09/2019

This is not a fix for the underlying issue. Good video to explain how to do what you are doing but it does not resolve the underlying issue.

andy.connor.e | 13/09/2019

I've never had a vehicle in my family ever require evaporator coil cleaning. Something could easily have been overlooked in the design.

rxlawdude | 13/09/2019

Now stinkgate has made the financial press.
Tesla, heal thyself!

calvin940 | 13/09/2019

As I said before I had stinky Audi and occasionally Porsche, not Mazda or Toyota, but VW Toureg has it as well.

rxlawdude | 13/09/2019

@calvin, and as I have said before, Model X and S do not have this problem, and all cars with A/C I've owned over the past 45 years have not had this issue.
This is a widespread problem, and Tesla's response to SvCs is to charge the customer to fix it, regardless of age and mileage. Not good.

lbowroom | 13/09/2019

"This is a widespread problem"

Any idea why I haven't been affected?

Magic 8 Ball | 13/09/2019

It is a widespread problem that exists in most cars from most manufacturers affecting some customers. Ford addressed this by selling an "afterblow" kit for some models of their cars. There is precedent in the industry that it is on the customer.

johnmerb | 13/09/2019

I'm with rxlawdude. 40 years of driving cars. Owned about 10 and ridden in who knows how many more. None had this issue. Except one. A 2005 AMG E55 that blew putrid smells out of the AC. Mercedes said it wasn't covered under warranty. Said filters needed to be replaced. Used foams and ozone. Blamed me. Sound familiar? Turned out to be a manufacturing defect that missed applying an anti-bacterial coating to the AC evaporator. There was a class action lawsuit about it after years of problems and complaints and then they finally fixed it for free. I'm an owner and shareholder and believe Tesla will eventually do something about this because the problem is snowballing and their competitors will leap at exploiting the bad press. It would be better for everyone if they came clean quicker and fixed it before they lose customers. Those on the forums claiming this is a common industry problem and this affects only some minuscule fraction of Tesla owners seem like paid corporate stooges

Magic 8 Ball | 13/09/2019

Those that don't have the actual numbers and claim "snowballing" are are trying to invoke hysterics.

PhillyGal | 13/09/2019

I'm glad my Model 3 doesn't happen to have this issue. My Hyundai did and it was gross.

Frank99 | 13/09/2019

It is gross, but it’s also easily remedied. $10 and ten minutes on a Saturday (or $175 at the SC if you don’t like getting your hands dirty) resolved the problem for me. There are far greater problems in life to get your knickers twisted about.