Connecting with Tesla

Connecting with Tesla

As a brand new owner (barely a week), it’s frustrating not to have any ability to have a phone number or online chat to ask questions. The Owner’s Manual doesn’t cover many things I’ve come across. | 15/09/2019

What are you primary questions about your new Model S? | 15/09/2019


Xerogas | 15/09/2019

@Redleg 6: Thousands of people here to answer your questions, 24x7. Ask away!

Xerogas | 15/09/2019

...and I bet there are owners who live near you who would be more than happy to chat with you in person...what region are you in?

cornellio | 15/09/2019

If you log into your account and click "Manage" by your vehicle, there's a page to request help and send a question. Unfortunately I think it just send them an email, which can be hit or miss.

EVRider | 16/09/2019

There are lots of videos and articles on the Support site, so don’t overlook those:

Anthony J. Parisio | 16/09/2019

Also YouTube has tons of owner videos on Model S. One way or another you will get the answers for which you are looking. | 16/09/2019

Another good source is the Owner's Manual Companion, created by a group of Tesla owners:

It's intended to answer many questions we often saw in the forums.

highwater | 16/09/2019

I have put 20K on my new Tesla and have just had the first occasion to need a service. I cannot reach anyone through the phone, there is no chat option where they say to find it. I'm on hold now for 24 minutes of an estimated over an hour wait. I'm rethinking my purchase suddenly. I don't understand why folks are so willing to accept this as OK. The service I need can't be performed by youtube or forum advice.

canonguy12 | 16/09/2019

Never thought I would read these 2 statements in one dialog: "I have put 20K on my new Tesla and have just had the first occasion to need a service" and "I'm rethinking my purchase suddenly"

I agree though, communication is not their forte

highwater | 16/09/2019

The minimal service and maintenance required on these vehicles should lead to quicker and more efficient communication not the reverse in my opinion.

F3 | 16/09/2019

I used Youtube a lot in the beginning for questions.

Bighorn | 16/09/2019

YouTube probably is not the best place to go unless you know the source. A lot of wannabe stars who aren’t too bright out there. | 16/09/2019

@highwater - No need to waste time on the phone. You can set up service and select an appointment time from the web - your account page, then Manage. Or you can use the Tesla phone app. Should take about 60 seconds. Mobile service is sometimes an option. If you would like it, just ask for it in the description. Doesn't guarantee it, but could help if the issue can be solved by mobile service.

Bighorn | 16/09/2019

Have you actually looked lately? I don’t see Service currently as an option.

NKYTA | 16/09/2019

I see it in the app, but not in Manage, today.

Bighorn | 16/09/2019

Yes on the phone app. Not on the iPad.

AZGLFR | 16/09/2019

@BH on the ipad , it was still missing days after it reappeared on my iphone . Then today I shrunk the ipad display with my fingers . Voila ! It showed up and it is staying ....

PrescottRichard | 16/09/2019


Yeah, gotta scroll down on the iPhone too IIRC. | 17/09/2019

@Bighorn - Yep, gone on my browser view too. It was there 4-5 days ago. Schedule service still on my phone app.

highwater | 17/09/2019

After over an hour on hold I was told that someone would call me in 24-48 hours to schedule a home service. That sound about right to those who have gone before me?

PrescottRichard | 17/09/2019

I have seen similar posts highwater, can’t say how that worked out though.

Jeff and Lori | 17/09/2019

Mobile service tech has always called back within the time frame, but last one was barely within 48 (June - Airbag recall). Wasn't too worried about it as we're over 5 hours away from where they come from and realize they probably have to stack the services.

highwater | 17/09/2019

Thanks guys