I'll be out of warranty in about 4,000 miles

I'll be out of warranty in about 4,000 miles

Thinking about what happens if I shred a tire. I realize the likelihood is relative low, but just hitting a pothole could leave me with an irreparable tire on the side of the road. Under warranty, Tesla will provide roadside assistance and most likely bring a spare tire. I have AAA, but they aren't going to bring a tire. Could purchase a spare and carry it around. Any other thoughts on this ? Can I still call for roadside assistance from Tesla and pay for the service out of pocket ? Thanks.

nukequazar | 16/09/2019

I would call AAA and ask them. They will probably tow to somewhere that can take care of it.

Are you considering extended warranty? Just wondering.

Bighorn | 16/09/2019

Precious few places is Tesla going to bring a tire. You'd have to really luck out on a trip to be in SoCal where they have Tesla wheel vans. I just use a rider on my State Farm to have roadside assistance which covers a flat bed to a tire place. I'm sure that you could pay for the service if you were in a covered zone. One tech told me they have vans just driving around looking for cars on the side of the road to help with the tire service.

thranx | 16/09/2019

The State Farm deal on roadside assistance has to be one of the biggest bargains in auto insurance. Has worked for me for nearly half a century.

diamonds2 | 16/09/2019

@thranx: I've had AAA Roadside Assistance for as long as you've have State Farm's. Is State Farm superior to AAA?

Bighorn | 16/09/2019

State Farm is about $5/6 months. AAA towing coverage depends on the level of membership--it can be a pretty small radius with the bare bones membership.

Mathew98 | 16/09/2019

Geico charges $6 rider for each car to cover roadside assistance for every six months. I've declined it for 20 years because AAA covers 4 cars in the family membership.

I've never needed it for my MS, but I've called AAA at least once or twice a year for the other cars.

cfishkin01 | 16/09/2019

Thanks for the feedback. @nuke, no I'm not going to by the extended warranty, though I'm having my first repair on Thursday. Mobile service is coming for the steering wheel thumbwheel. July 2017 Model S 75D.

barrykmd | 17/09/2019

I had AAA for years in the pre-Tesla days. One problem with AAA is it's like an HMO. They low-ball towing contractors, so they will handle all their full-pay customers first, keeping you waiting for hours at times. Not an issue for a random event like a blown tire, but if you're stuck in the snow along with everyone else, you'll have a very long wait.

NCC1701S | 17/09/2019

The American Express Gold / Platinum cards and many other premium credit cards have roadside assistance built in at no extra charge. American Express covers the cardholder regardless of which car you are in. They have always been there for us.

hafidortega | 18/09/2019

Purchase a spare tire and keep it in your garage. For long road trips take it with you. If you ever have a flat, just have AAA tow you to your house or tire repair shop nearby.

Mathew98 | 18/09/2019

AAA can mount the tire for you, there no needs to tow it anywhere.

I have a full sized 19" spare sitting in my garage for 6 years but never found an opportunity to use it.

I did plug the tires on 5 occasions myself because there were screws scattered across so many construction sites around the city.

Mathew98 | 18/09/2019


barrykmd | 19/09/2019

Bighorn | September 16, 2019
State Farm is about $5/6 months.

Just added towing coverage to my State Farm policy. Thanks, BH. It's $3.75 per 6 months here!

snew17 | 19/09/2019

I have a spare tire from . I carry it on road trips, but just leave it in my garage when driving around town. I also carry a tire repair kit and a 12 volt air compressor.

I carry the jack and lug wrench from the spare tire kit, the tire repair kit and 12v air compressor with me all the time. There is little weight and space taken up by these items. This will allow me to fix most flat tire issues without carrying the spare all the time.

Bighorn | 19/09/2019

Sounds about right. I didn’t want to underestimate. I think it paid about $100 in Virginia last year, so I’ve got a positive return.

MilesMD88 | 21/09/2019

Had a puncture (tire cut) & flat under warranty, actually just a couple months into ownership. Tesla was great, all aspects, replaced tire goodwill. Picked up S on flatbed. Got me to work & picked me up.
Out of warranty now. In the frunk is a ryobi battery powered air compressor & a slime puncture repair kit, flashlight, blanket, needle nose pliers to pull out nail. Enough to keep you on the road. Insurance for towing for worse case scenario.